K2 Business-Wide Customer Management

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No-code business apps are a quick and efficient way to automate business operations, so you have more time to focus on providing the best possible client services and improving profit margins. Business apps can, for example, give you an easy, paperless way to manage legal contracts and solve other business challenges, such as case management, intellectual property portfolio management, new matter intake, eDiscovery and more.

Watch this webinar that focuses on legal contract management and shows you just how easy it is to build no-code business apps that help you centralize and automate your messy, paper-based processes.

This webinar will show you how business apps can help you:

  • Build workflows that work with line-of-business information from cloud and on-premises systems across your organization to simplify the contract creation, review and approval process
  • Track where a contract is in the approval process and send notifications to ensure that contracts are approved on time
  • Gain greater visibility into the contracts management process through the use of dynamic reports and dashboards
  • Beyond contract management, K2 provides a platform that can be used to automate many other business needs, including quote to cash, expense claims management and invoice processing