Professional Services

K2 provides a broad range of services, educational programs, and business support to help you achieve and exceed your business goals. We know that you’re making an investment when you buy K2, and we’re here to ensure that your investment pays off quickly.

Success Enablement Program

We’ve created all-inclusive packages designed to help you get up and running quickly and get your first application live. These packages contain a combination of onboarding and system readiness, mentoring, training and workshops. You can choose an entirely remote engagement or a hybrid model offering a combination of remote and onsite services. Learn more about these packages and the K2 Customer Success Program offerings in our guide.

In addition to these packages designed for new customers, we can assist at any stage in the product development cycle. Whether it's getting a new application live, empowering your team to develop apps or working alongside you - we can help you meet your goals or free you to work on other initiatives. Our services include:

Development Services

    • Ask Me Anything Sessions
    • Development and Design Advice
    • Migration Services
    • Custom Workshops
    • Advisory Services
    • Full Software Development Lifecycle
    • Center of Excellence Consulting


    • Install
    • Upgrade
    • System Health Review/Optimization
    • Security Review
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