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You have a vision for where you want to go with K2. We’re here to help you get there.

It’s our mission at K2 to work with you to get up and running and continue to partner with you as you grow and scale your digital transformation. Our services offerings are customizable for your needs, wherever you are in your business application journey. Together, we’ll develop a strategy that leads to higher efficiency and successful outcomes, every time.  

Foundational Services



Establishing a healthy system from the initial implementation will help optimize your software installation, platform administration, and operations management.

Our experts will prepare, install and test your K2 instance, all done remotely and at your convenience.


Success Enablement Packages

Kickstart your K2 journey with a team of experts by your side. We’ll help you get up and running quickly and your first K2 app live. Available as an entirely remote engagement or hybrid.

These packages are included with all new K2 platform engagements and available to veteran customers looking to fine-tune.


Training & Certification

Master K2 with our our specially designed training and certification program. We’ll help ensure you’re on the right learning journey, that fits your job role.

With options fitting every learning style, we’ll guarantee you have the appropriate skills and knowledge to jumpstart your application development.

Delivery Services

Delivery Services


Solution Assessment

  • Determine performance issues
  • Outline development best practices
  • Design & architecture standards


Discovery Sessions

  • Enable relationship building and risk reduction
  • Onsite workshops and artifact deliveries
  • Durations & costs vary on size


Migrations & Conversions

  • K2 5 migrations & conversions
  • Conversions from other apps (Infosys, Lotus Notes, etc.)
  • Includes scoping & assessment
  • Engagement costs vary


Center of Excellence

  • Establish an efficient ecosystem
  • Onboard Citizen Developers quickly
  • Enable increased productivity


Application Delivery

  • Agile based K2 Service Delivery Framework (SDF)
  • Several delivery options
  • Onsite or offsite

Experts on demand

Experts On-Demand

Through remote sessions, we provide critical guidance when you need it most. Schedule time with an experienced consultant or select from one of our outcome-oriented packages focused on development or infrastructure, whichever meets your needs most.

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