Professional Services

Take control of your K2 vision and ensure that your business benefits are delivered — on schedule, within budget and up to your expectations. K2 Professional Services can help you successfully plan projects, implement and deploy solutions, get the right people trained, and provide assistance and support throughout your business app journey.

What Are Your Consulting Needs?

At K2, our service options are vast and intended to maximize our customer’s investment in the K2 platform. K2 Professional Services, along with the entire K2 organization, strives to empower our customers’ success. Each K2 Professional Services offering is designed to help our customers achieve this success within their process transformation journey.

The K2 Professional Services offerings fall into two categories based on the amount of assistance you are seeking: Core Services and Full Lifecycle Services. Our Core Services are standard consulting services geared toward new K2 customers, but they can also be valuable for the seasoned veteran looking for a little boost, or anyone in need of a K2 refresher. Our Full Lifecycle Services provide you with an experienced K2 professional who will help you and participate in the entire lifecycle of your K2 implementation.

Core Services

By using K2 Core Services, you can get a jump-start on success from the very beginning of your K2 journey. If you have basic knowledge of the K2 platform, but want a little extra assistance in a less formal engagement, our Core Services are also right for you.

  • Establish the Platform: This is our core installation service, and it is designed to work with our customers to determine a proper deployment model and/or configuration of K2. This is the quickest, recommended way to get a new K2 environment up and running – no matter where you are in your K2 experience.
  • Mentoring: Participating in K2 mentoring – whether onsite with a dedicated K2 consultant or remotely and ad-hoc – is a great way to kick off any new K2 application effort or project, regardless of further K2 Professional Services involvement. Mentoring can be focused on many different K2 topics and it could be just the thing you need to get over those hurdles.
  • Onsite Mentoring: A K2 Consultant will visit you onsite and join your team to work through various topics of your choice. We can show you how to build and deploy business process solutions using best practices and methodologies learned from our extensive experience with training and project engagements. Our goal is to make you self-sufficient as quickly as possible.
  • Remote Mentoring: If a full onsite engagement is not for you, and you really just need advice or assistance with creative solutions to problems, we can help you through Remote Mentoring. Whether you are developing your first process or your twentieth, everyone needs to phone a friend once in a while. Remote Mentoring, combined with regular consulting services and support, ensures that no customer is ever left without the help they need. With Remote Mentoring, K2 can help you eliminate the various technical obstacles that often find their way into projects and cause you delays and frustration.
  • Training: Learn the K2 platform whichever way works best for you, at your own pace. Our training offerings can be onsite or remote and instructor-led or self-paced. Our training services will equip you and your resources with the knowledge and skills to put K2 applications and best practice methodology into your organization.

Full Lifecycle Services

K2’s Professional Services team includes top K2 experts. The Services team has seen hundreds of implementations and deployments and helped customers realize immediate returns through our involvement. When using K2 Professional Services, you can count on consistent methodology and adherence to best practices that are refined on a regular basis. K2 Professional Services can accelerate your realization of benefits from the K2 platform and improve the overall project and application quality. Full Lifecycle Services typically include:

  • Discovery and Definition: Our experts partner with you and your team to understand both your business and technology needs. Based upon this information, you are presented with recommendations that will help you achieve and exceed your objectives.
  • Application Design, Architecture and Planning: Our experts work with your team to develop detailed application designs that take into account business and technical needs, integration with existing systems and critical success criteria. The detailed designs will include the vision to account for changes that are inevitable in business and technology.
  • Solution Development, Implementation and Knowledge Transfer: Our technical and process experts will work with you during the development of your application – and no proper project would be complete without knowledge transfer to your resources. With the added benefit of knowledge transfer, your resources can more easily and more quickly benefit from your investment in the K2 platform.
  • Remote Mentoring: In addition to Remote Mentoring as a Core Service, many customers choose to use Remote Mentoring to help with ongoing implementation projects. Whether it’s kicking off a project with initial planning sessions, setting up recurring check-in meetings or reviewing solutions during a project, our team can work with you to determine the best plan to meet your implementation needs. This ongoing support during a project ensures you have a K2 Consultant involved along the way.
"[Our K2 rep] was not only knowledgeable about all parts of K2 but his approach to problem solving really proved invaluable. We would not have been able to accomplish so much without his professional expertise on this project.""

Experts On Demand

Through remote mentoring sessions, we provide critical guidance — experts on demand — when you need it most. This consulting service option is recommended for customers who have their K2 solution up and running, and have already taken advantage of one of the other consulting services above.