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Maximize your K2 software investment with our technical and business training options. Our competency-based curriculum accelerates your understanding of K2 software and teaches you the necessary skills to successfully implement K2 solutions across your organization.

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We offer K2 training courses for a variety of skill sets and interest levels. To choose the best fit for you, review individual course descriptions for details on what you'll learn, who a course is designed for and much more or download our complete Course Catalog.


Technical Courses

K2 blackpearl Core

This course covers the core components, functionality and use of the K2 blackpearl platform. It is the foundation for all specialized courses offered by K2, and should be completed before any other competencies.

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K2 blackpearl Extensions

This course covers customization of the K2 blackpearl platform, with code. It's designed to give developers the knowledge required to consume the K2 runtime APIs in their custom applications and to extend the K2 platform with custom components.

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K2 blackpearl for SharePoint & InfoPath 2010

Everything you need to know about K2 blackpearl’s integration with SharePoint and InfoPath is covered in this course. It will provide you with the necessary skills to use the technology effectively.

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K2 SmartForms Builder

In this course, you'll learn how to use K2 SmartForms as the user interface technology in business process application solutions, as well as how to integrate these forms with K2 workflows and K2 SmartObjects.

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K2 Appit for SharePoint

In the K2 Appit for SharePoint training course, participants will learn how to build SharePoint workflow applications with Appit and build applications from scratch using more advanced development techniques.

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K2 Connect

K2 Connect is an add-on for K2 blackpearl and is used to expose SAP BAPIs as K2 SmartObjects. In this course, you'll learn about the configuration, administration and use of K2 Connect to interact with SAP.

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K2 for SharePoint: Application Builder

This course is designed for those who want to build applications in SharePoint 2013 using K2's web-based design tools, including workflow applications that use SharePoint documents and list items, and more.

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K2 for SharePoint: Integrator

Anyone who wants to build applications outside of SharePoint that integrate with SharePoint 2013, like any other LOB system, would benefit from this course.

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Multi-Day Workshops

Business Analysis Workshop

This two-day workshop-style course includes discussions and practical exercises that will help participants learn how to analyze, evaluate and specify requirements for business applications that leverage the power of K2.

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K2 Immersion Boot Camp for Customers

This three-week boot camp provides previously trained professionals with general solution development experience, consistent access to K2 experts, hands-on ramp-up scenarios and intensive work with K2 tools.

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