Overcoming the Common Hurdles to Digital Transformation

In today’s technology-driven world, the need for businesses to embrace digital transformation, including process automation, is vital to success. Most businesses realize the benefits of adopting technology to automate processes and understand if they don’t, a competitor will. But there’s still reluctance to change in the market.

22% of companies haven’t begun their digital transformation.

According to Forrester research, 15 percent of companies are still “investigating” digital transformation, and another 7 percent are “improving but not transforming.” Another 21 percent believe they’ve “completed” their transformation, but they have yet to realize that digital transformation means being in a constant state of improvement. So, what’s stopping these companies from transforming?

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Download the Forrester infographic, “The Sorry State of Digital Transformation,” here.

Download the ebook, “10 Ways Low-Code Process Automation Platforms Transforms Businesses,” here.