K2 and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

A Powerful Combination of K2 & Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows businesses to automate low-level tasks and assist humans with higher-level tasks in the future, as technology improves. By freeing up human capital to focus on strategic work, RPA solutions can unlock tremendous efficiency and speed in an organization, while helping improve the customer experience.

The benefits of RPA span industries and business functions—particularly Finance and Human Resources — but it only provides one piece of a complete digital transformation strategy. Companies looking to transform through automation, need to take a broader, more strategic approach to combine the power of robots with human-based tasks into a solution that can orchestrate and manage the flow of work across both.

The Power of K2 with RPA

A successful digital transformation strategy combines RPA and DPA (digital process automation) to support comprehensive, end-to-end process automation that can be dynamically and continuously improved to enhance the customer experience. K2, a future-proof low-code app dev platform, allows for a truly sustainable digital transformation journey where organizations face almost continuous change in the technology landscape and rising expectations from the customer.

Regardless of how quickly the technology landscape changes, K2 will be able to support your company's automation requirements by bringing together RPA, DPA, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The great part of K2 is its flexibility - meaning once an app is built it can be reused multiple times without incurring costly and repetitive refactoring or rebuilding efforts.

Getting the Most out of Combining RPA & DPA

Reduce the amount of human error

Integrate robots (bots) directly into a K2 workflow to complete routine, monotonous jobs, freeing up humans to support tasks that require a higher level of care.

Real-time exception handling

Route work to the right person when exceptions occur or utilize a decision that requires human intervention. K2’s centralized worklist makes it easy for users to respond to tasks quickly and efficiently.

Provide end-to-end process management

K2’s extensive process automation and governance capabilities make it easy to manage and report on an entire process across both robot and human-led tasks, systems and information.

Automate decision-making with AI

Automate many processes in an organization, by dynamically and continuously automating many business decision-making processes utilizing AI and ML.

Use Cases for RPA & DPA

Vendor and Client Management
Invoicing and Billing
Price Change Approvals
Loan Approvals
Employee On/Off Boarding
Material Management

Enable transformation through digital and robotic process automation


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