Business Process Automation for the Finance Department

Maintain better control of your operations and increase visibility into reporting by quickly building custom financial and purchasing process applications and workflows.


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Expense Management with K2

Industry: Manufacturing & Electronics

Learn how KCE Electronics built error-free solutions that save time and money.

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“K2 will continue to play an important role in this company and in our pursuit of efficiency and best practices.”
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Use K2 to build solutions for use cases like:
  • Accounting
    • Expense processing & claims management
    • Purchase & CapEx requisition request
    • Accounts payable
    • Accounts receivable surveys
    • Customer collections
    • Invoice processing
    • Asset disposal
  • Financial planning
    • Annual planning, budgeting & periodic forecasting
    • Budget approval
  • Risk and Compliance Management
    • Internal audit
    • Customer collections
  • Contract management
    • Contract review & approval
  • Purchasing & Procurement
    • E-procurement & purchase order processing
    • Supplier onboarding
    • Spend management
    • Contract management
    • Procure-to-pay
    • Receipt & inspection of purchases
    • Requisition processing
    • RFPs/RFQs
    • Services selection
    • Service level agreement management
    • Progress draw payments