K2 and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

A Powerful Combination: K2 & Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management (ECM) provides businesses a powerful set of tools to securely connect and manage content from on-premise and cloud-based applications. Companies have long relied on ECM solutions to track and monitor the lifecycle of content - from creation to users’ actions on the content. By allowing users to also collaborate on content, ECM also provides a workspace that fosters user collaboration and productivity.

Content is central to productivity for any team, and the benefits of ECM affect multiple industries and departments. However, there are limitations to ECM and companies are looking to a broader set of content-related technologies to support their business needs such as categorization, secure file sync and share, content analytics, and more. To achieve deeper levels of integration with other systems and overall oversight and control of content, businesses will need to expand their technology stacks to get their content moving and create build intelligent, content-centric processes.

The Power of K2 with ECM

The Power of K2 with ECM

Combining low-code application development and ECM provides companies a powerful tool that will enhance content management with intelligence and automation as well as expand business processing capabilities and agility. K2, a future-proof low-code app dev platform, brings all content across multiple content management solutions into one central location and system. K2 also makes it easy for users to build custom apps, workflows, and forms using their content with any line-of-business system as well, making it easy for organizations to create apps that holistically meet their business needs.

As new technologies like RPA and AI emerge, it will be crucial for companies to leverage these tools in their existing architecture. Combining low-code application development with traditional content management systems will give companies the ability to leverage a wide range of powerful automation tools to organize, manage, and standardize on their content. Ultimately, organizations can see how users are interacting with their content using process insights so they can optimize their content and processes using that content to drive greater levels of business productivity.

Get the Most out of ECM & Low-Code Platforms

Intelligent, Content-Centric Apps

Low-code development platforms provide intelligent and advanced workflow automation to content. Advanced workflow logic, metadata, and modernization technologies like AI allow users to create smarter and more robust content-centric apps.

Expand Business Processing Capabilities

Create workflows and forms and combine the power of metadata with workflow actions. Bring unstructured and structured data together to build processes with advanced logic. Watch your content evolve and improve across multiple steps of the process.

Break down content silos

No content system is one size fits all. K2 brings content together into a unified but heterogeneous environment while maintaining data compliance and security. This will increase productivity, efficiency, and collaboration across users. 

Process Insights and Analytics

Get a better idea of how content performs in a process and optimize workflows and ensure tasks are completed in a timely matter. Continually find ways to improve content as well as the processes around that content.

Use Cases for ECM

Claims processing
Metadata management
Document approvals
Automatic content generation
Document routing & distribution
Content auditing

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