Workflows for SharePoint with K2

Create Customized Business Forms and Workflows for SharePoint with K2

SharePoint is a crucial collaboration and content management tool for many organizations, and it’s a key system in many enterprise architectures today. Companies continue to rely on SharePoint to help them share and manage content, build operational workflows, and seamlessly collaborate. 

When used in tandem with K2’s low-code development platform, organizations can transform and customize business processes in their SharePoint environment. K2 provides users with the tools to create powerful apps that meet the rapidly changing needs of their business without heavy custom coding. By combining the technologies, teams have the ability to customize forms, build powerful SharePoint workflows, and leverage in-depth reporting capabilities to help them continually optimize processes.

Do More in SharePoint

Sharepoint Workflow Expense form

With K2, IT teams can build both simple and complex applications using SharePoint documents and lists. And with K2’s support for mobile applications, users can access tasks and take action when they’re on the go for any given process.

Through K2’s native integration with SharePoint, users can access workflows, forms, and data from other line-of-business (LOB) systems right inside their SharePoint environment. Transform the way organizations work in SharePoint with low-code to maximize their investment and streamline business processes.

Get the Most out of SharePoint & K2

Customize SharePoint Forms

Customize SharePoint forms with a more intuitive interface that also brings data in from other areas of SharePoint as well as other LOB systems.

Create Workflows and Forms

Create intuitive and easy-to-use forms within SharePoint document libraries and lists. Use drag-and-drop tooling to quickly build SharePoint workflows for scenarios like site provisioning or policy and document approvals

Build Apps to Meet Business Needs

Connect your LOB data into SharePoint forms and workflows to deliver business solutions you need with SharePoint, customizable to all your users’ business scenarios.

Use process insights for smarter decisions

Management and built-in reporting will help you make smarter, better, and faster decisions. Understand how your workflows are performing for continual process improvement and optimization.

Use Cases

Site provisioning
Policy and document approvals
Leave request
Incident management
Sales quote review
Proposals management

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