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Industry Trends & Challenges

Historically, the process of inspecting and issuing certificates for Gas (CP12) and Electricity (EICR) safety compliance was a manual, paper-based task, often taking weeks to complete.

The process would entail the manual completion of a form which would then be returned via post for processing. Once it reached its destination the details would be keyed into a back-office system and a certificate would be generated and issued.

This elongated and extremely dated process was flawed at a number of points, with forms having the potential to be mislaid and the potential for manual data entry error.

Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + Velocity IT Solution

Velocity IT’s responsive solution uses K2’s workflow capabilities combined with Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint asset management to present a time and cost-efficient alternative to a conventionally manual, arduous and error prone compliance process. Velocity IT designed and implemented a mobile solution facilitates the completion of the CP12 & EICR survey forms on a tablet device.

A More Efficient Safety Certificate Solution


Accessible & Fast

  • Certificate completion is digital, removing any paper-based requirement
  • Data is captured on-site, during inspection and saved offline, ready to automatically sync with Microsoft Dynamics back-office system
  • Certificates are produced & issued automatically


Greater Visibility 

  • Enables greater visibility and faster access to certifications in line with regulation and compliance


Process Efficiency Improvements

  • Time to produce certifications reduced from weeks to a matter of hours
  • Removed the necessity for double-entry of data
  • Eliminate the potential of ‘lost’ surveys
  • Improve accuracy of certificates being issued

How it Works


Survey Completion

  • A connected, mobile application ensures that engineers are ready for the day’s survey work.
  • Real-time data validation and confirmation signatures handled as part of the form, ensuring that necessary information and client signatures are captured appropriately.
  • Surveys are captured offline and saved locally for syncing with back-end systems at a later time.


Data Sync

  • Automatic data syncing occurs once the engineer is back online and, automatically kicks off the K2 approval workflow and sends the completed form to the back-office Microsoft Dynamics system.


Auto Issue Compliance

  • Compliance certificates are auto-populated using the data from the form and saved on the SharePoint database and sent to the client via email.

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