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Industry Trends & Challenges

Automation has transcended beyond better cost control and operational efficiency for organizations. Companies are increasingly looking to automation technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and digital process automation (DPA) to help them reshape their employee and customer experiences that ultimately impact the bottom line. 

K2 and UiPath
Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + UiPath Solution

Integrating K2’s low-code development platform with UiPath’s RPA solution provides companies a complete set of automation tools to digitally transform their business processes. With the two technologies, you can deploy powerful business applications and integrate robots into your workflows to mimic and execute jobs of humans that are repetitive and mundane. Together, K2 and UiPath gives you the capabilities to orchestrate the flow of work across humans, robots, and systems.

Get the Most Out of Your Intelligent Automation Solution


Improve Efficiency and Digitally Transform

  • Leverage robots to start or update your processes as well as fully automate tasks.​​
  • Build solutions that solve your process improvement needs and span multiple departments and applications.​


Breathe Life into Legacy Systems

  • Modernize systems and reinvent the customer experience to maintain a competitive edge.​​
  • Relieve human workers from handling mundane, repetitive tasks so they can focus on mission-critical work.


Manage Workflow from One Platform

  • Integrate and connect all of your fragmented systems including RPA in one place.​​
  • Gain visibility and control over your business workflows and uncover new ways to improve your processes.​


Increase Task Speed and Reduce Risk

  • Let RPA handle manual work so you can reduce human errors and utilize resources more efficiently.​​
  • Handle robotic exceptions by getting the right person involved when robots fail.

How it Works



  • K2 forms and workflows call UiPath to load a Queue with work or execute a process using a robot with Jobs​.
  • Kick off K2 workflows from UiPath.



  • Replace human steps, partially or completely, to optimize process efficiencies.​
  • Handle robotic exceptions and escalate to humans when necessary.



  • Identify additional areas for robot usage in existing processes.​
  • Understand how your processes and robots are performing through a central view.

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Example Use Cases: claims processing​, invoice and contract management​, case management​,
employee onboarding / offboarding​, data management​, inventory management ​

Who We Are

Combine the power of K2 and UiPath automation technologies to accelerate your digital transformation. Build applications with the help of RPA to solve a broader range of business problems and maintain a competitive edge. Using our combined solutions to achieve a holistic approach to intelligent automation will open up many more avenues for improvement and innovation within your organization. ​

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K2 helps you build apps that drive your business forward. Create powerful forms, workflows, and business applications that tie into your line-of-business systems.

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UiPath’s robotic process automation software helps you deploy software robots to execute repetitive processes, boost business productivity, and transform customer experience.