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Industry Trends & Challenges

Managing Employee Time Off Requests is one of the most important processes in any business.

Second to health insurance, employees rate paid time off as an essential benefit within the workplace. However, cumbersome or unclear processes, lack of formality, and scattered paperwork can make leave requests a daunting task within any business. Enabling transparency around time off allocated, time remaining, and request status benefits both employers and employees.

Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + Method Automation Time-Off Solution

Method Automation’s Time Off Request Solution is easily configurable to your organization’s current time-off policy. The solution provides a solid structure and clear visibility into the business’s request policy. Managers and employees can request, approve, and view time off requests anywhere, at any time and on any device. The solution minimizes tedious tasks that relate to data entry, updating calendars, and tracking employee vacation banks. Automated notifications at every step of the process ensures a leak-proof communication system across your business. 

Get the Most Out of Your Time-Off Management Solution


Automation provides standardization and productivity

  • One automated process that provides a consistent time off policy within the entire organization
  • Pre-formatted fields help employees complete the request form


Keep clear and concise records of employee requests

  • Minimize employee and HR data entry errors
  • Eliminate tedious paperwork and filing systems


Avoid miscommunications

  • User-friendly forms with auto-complete features
  • Email notifications at every step of the process to alert the right people


Transparent documentation process

  • Access the request forms within a single platform, from anywhere and on any device
  • Online form supports electronic approvals and approvals via email
  • Employee time off allocations and calendars are automatically updated

How it Works


Administrator completes initial setup

  • Administrators set up the time-off policy for the company.
  • Select the time off types used by the company (PTO, Vacation, Sick, etc.) and establish the number of days allocated to each employee.


Employee submits time off request

  • Employees can review their vacation bank including allotted time off and time off balance.
  • When entering request details, employees can delegate tasks to colleagues as well set up an out of office message.
  • Attach required supporting documents as per company policy.


Employees receive e-mail notifications 

  • Employee receives e-mail notification stating their immediate manager has received the request.
  • Manager receives e-mail notification regarding the employee’s time off request. The request can be actioned directly from the e-mail.


Manager reviews and approves or denies the time off request

  • Employee receives email notification stating whether their request has been approved or denied.

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Managing change for internal processes can be overwhelming. With the help of Method Automation and the Time-Off Management K2 Solution, the transition will be efficient and seamless. Your business will immediately see the growth and scalability benefits that automation brings forth.

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