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Employee Engagement measures how valued and involved individuals feel with their work and the company they work for.  Operational Managers are often challenged to keep teams and individuals engaged and connected with their mission and goals.  Surveys can greatly improve engagement; provide improvement ideas to management; and increase employee productivity. 

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Platform Video: Workflow

K2 Enterprise Survey by Quogent

Empower managers with a flexible tool for creating surveys, gathering data and making better decisions.  Managers can create custom surveys, target the exact participants and aggregate response data including visualization.  

Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity


Customize survey creation

  • Create custom tailored Survey forms in minutes
  • Define your audience and time-frame
  • Launch your Survey


Track results in real-time

  • View aggregated Survey data by question to gain insights into Employee Engagement
  • Gain insights into results with data visualization


Extend survey capabilities

  • K2 Application Platform provides a powerful ability to extend the application’s capabilities including integration with your organization’s LOB systems.


Employee engagement

  • Survey experience is tailored to optimize Employee Engagement.
  • Ensure feedback quality through targeted participation

How it Works


Create survey

  • Survey authors can either create a new survey from scratch or utilize an existing survey
  • Survey’s can be designed to provide a specific number of questions per page, create dependent questions, specify answer type and include defined answer choices
  • Authors can create any number of Campaigns for a survey which can be used for specific geographic locations or as a means of issuing surveys over specific time-frames


Engage employees

  • Participants can simply click a link from an email notification and launch into their survey.
  • Participant submittals are quick and easy to perform.


Gain insights and ideas

  • Survey data provides insight into employee engagement across any number of topics.
  • Data can be viewed in raw, aggregate and visual formats.

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Who We Are

Quogent is a premier solutions partner of K2 – delivering innovative solutions on K2 across a variety of enterprises. We help our customers automate business processes to ensure people are making more reliable decisions every day.

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K2 helps you build apps that drive your business forward. Create powerful forms, workflows, and business applications that tie into your line-of-business systems.

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Quogent is a leading provider of Intelligent Process Automation solutions and services.  Quogent designs and delivers it’s solutions leveraging best-in-class software platforms such as K2, UiPath, Ephesoft, Abbyy, DocuSign and Microsoft.