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Industry Trends & Challenges

Customer loyalty has become a must for all organizations in today’s world. How customers interact with the brand and the experience they have is vital to keeping customers happy. One major factor in customer dissatisfaction is poor communication.  

New customer engagement channels, social media and new device form factors (like mobile, IOT etc.) have presented both challenges and opportunities for most organizations. Businesses need a system that can take customer communications from a variety of channels and flow them into a single system which will allow the business to analyze, understand and process data in the appropriate way, whether that is using AI or humans.    

Nimbe Omnichannel solution
Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + Nimbe InFlow Solution

Along with K2, Nimbe InFlow is an omnichannel integration, data analysis, data mining and enrichment tool for managing inbound communication and business process automation. InFlow helps businesses process large amounts of structured and non-structured data, quickly and efficiently addressing issues at any point during the lifecycle of the business process or workflow. Importantly, InFlow is also designed to enable RPA and machine learning integration. It supports SMS, email, scanned documents, IOT devices, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. New channels of communication can be added as they emerge, ensuring that solutions built today will easily connect with the technologies of tomorrow.   

Get the Most Out of an Intelligent Customer Engagement Tool


Better customer support and engagement

  • Omni-channel integration 
  • Social media Integration 
  • Automated indexing and matching   


Reduced case resolution time

  • Automated next best action using machine learning
  • Automated anomalies detection and quality checks 
  • Content discovery and routing using machine learning 


Consistent customer engagement

  • Through email, social, chatbots, on the phone
  • Faster resolution to customer problems 


Better resource outcomes

  • Configure agents to perform routing workflow decisions 
  • Free human resources to focus on high value decision making 
  • Predictive analytics for better planning 

How it Works

InFlow can intercept inbound communications from multiple channels, funnel these queries into a central AI-driven “brain”, which directs them to the function best-placed to handle the query. Depending on the type of communication and how the channel was configured the query will be routed to the appropriate response mechanism which could be a chat bot, a human or a K2 workflow. 


Set up communication channels

  • Use the administration portal to configure channels for inbound communication (email, letters, twitter, WhatsApp etc). 
  • Define rules to trigger and route workflows


Train Agents

  • Create new agents to perform tasks using pre-built skills 
  • Train the agents by uploading sample data   


Define workflow

  • Define workflows in K2 
  • Use SmartObjects to interact with agents and automate human tasks.

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Who We Are

InFlow brings the power of AI and machine learning with predefined models and pre-trained skills to workflow processing, enabling intelligent processes automation. 

Automation potentials of AI in the field on BPM is universally known however with 500 plus algorithms to select from it is a time consuming effort to start from scratch. On average a good model for machine learning typically takes between 6-9 man months to prepare. InFlow provides the necessary acceleration to start using machine learning in your business processes from day one. 

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K2 helps you build apps that drive your business forward. Create powerful forms, workflows, and business applications that tie into your line-of-business systems.

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Nimbe provides solutions and services in the areas of machine learning and business process automation. We help organizations achieve intelligent and meaningful automation of human centric processes.