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Industry Trends & Challenges

Businesses around the world look to SharePoint as a key system for collaboration and content management. They rely on SharePoint to help them build operational workflows and improve efficiency, but companies can do more to transform and customize these processes and meet the rapidly changing needs of their organizations.

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Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + SharePoint Solution

SharePoint, combined with K2’s low-code development platform, gives you the tools to customize forms, build powerful workflows, and use in-depth, real-time reporting capabilities to advance and optimize your processes. You can access all your workflow components right inside SharePoint through K2’s workflow engine. Together, K2 and SharePoint allows you to maximize your investments and streamline processes across your organization.

Get the Most Out of Your SharePoint Investment


Customize SharePoint Forms

  • Create intuitive forms and reuse them across multiple workflows.​​
  • Automatically generate K2 forms from SharePoint document libraries and lists, and customize when necessary.


Integrate with Line-of-Business Data

  • Connect essential LOB data to SharePoint forms and workflows and surface the information you need in your environment.


Create Workflows Seamlessly 

  • Incorporate SharePoint lists and libraries across multiple sites.​​
  • Use drag-and-drop tooling and app wizards to easily configure common workflow scenarios in SharePoint.


Make Smarter Decisions

  • Understand how your SharePoint processes are performing with built-in reporting capabilities.​​
  • Make better and faster decisions and find new ways to improve and optimize your processes.

How it Works



  • Use SharePoint lists and documents to create workflows that span SharePoint sites and versions.​
  • Customize workflows with routing, business rules, and logic.



  • Generate forms and workflows directly in SharePoint.​
  • Integrate workflow components with LOB data and information from other areas in SharePoint.



  • Develop business solutions with SharePoint data to users on various form factors – desktop and mobile.​
  • Make application changes quickly when necessary with in-depth reporting.

Example Use Cases: site provisioning​, expense claims management​, policy and document approvals​, signature and feedback workflows

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K2 + Microsoft SharePoint Success Stories

Read this case study to learn how Tipsport improved its operational efficiency using the K2 business automation platform and and Microsoft SharePoint.

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K2 helps you build apps that drive your business forward. Create powerful forms, workflows, and business applications that tie into your content management platforms and line-of-business systems.

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SharePoint is a platform that allows you to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across your organization.