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Industry Trends & Challenges

Companies can implement workflow capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales for short-lived scenarios such as creating a follow-up phone call activity when a new lead is created. But for business applications that require more complex workflow features such as managing user approvals, decisions, and actions, you will need a more sophisticated workflow engine to help you do more.  

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Platform Video: Workflow

Build Solutions that Connect and Surface Data within Dynamics CRM

K2’s enterprise business process capabilities, combined with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales, gives you the tools to deliver business applications that will improve customer relationship management. Users can use information in Dynamics CRM for Sales and other line-of-business (LOB) systems to make better decisions when it comes to customer interaction. Using K2’s drag-and-drop designer, you can build step-by-step workflows to help you optimize sales operations and deliver solutions that manage customer lifecycles and span across your business.  

Get the Most Out of Your Microsft Dynamics CRM for Sales Solution


Create Customer Focused Solutions

  • Build solutions that connect with and surface data from other LOB systems directly within Dynamics CRM for Sales
  • Get the right users involved in a process when input or action is needed from stakeholders  


Enhance the User Experience

  • Create mobile apps to connect users with their CRM applications so they can access information from wherever they are and on whatever device they’re using
  • Provide insight into the current states of workflows and remove bottlenecks from processes. 


Integrate with Other LOB Systems

  • Connect information from Dynamics CRM for Sales with other crucial LOB systems like SAP, Oracle, SFDC, and Web services with minimal code.
  • Access and use data from other apps in K2 workflows and SmartForms without having to reconfigure for future apps. 


Provide Bette rCustomer Experience

  • Deliver full end-to-end customer solutions that reach across departments, systems, and teams.
  • Spend less time worrying about process and more time on cultivating customer relationships. 

How it Works



  • Generate forms and customer-centric workflows that use Dynamics CRM data
  • Incorporate users into workflows when necessary 



  • Integrate customer relationship information and LOB data all within Dynamics CRM 
  • Connect disparate information and tasks related to customer management through centralized processes and reports. 



  • Create both Web and mobile apps for your workers on the go outside of Dynamics CRM for Sales using forms, workflow, and other LOB data.
  • Surface K2 applications directly within Dynamics CRM, giving end users a seamless way to work in familiar tools. 

Example Use Cases: Sales approvals, Order to cash, Opportunity creation and workflow, New account onboarding

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K2 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Success Stories 

Read the Liebherr Hausgeräte case study to find out about a fully automated K2 workflow that integrates multiple process steps, business systems, departments, customers and partners.

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Combining Dynamics CRM with K2’s low-code development platform provides you the enterprise workflow capabilities to create CRM solutions that will optimize your customer relationships. Create business applications that will help you manage your customer lifecycles and incorporate all the users in your business who can help build and improve customer relationships.

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K2 helps you build apps that drive your business forward. Create powerful forms, workflows, and business applications that tie into your line-of-business systems.

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