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Industry Trends & Challenges

Law firms invest significant time reviewing new leads, managing matter information, and handling administrative tasks like generating an invoice or check request.  What if these processes could be streamlined and simplified?  Attorneys and the Finance team analyze data from multiple systems to attempt to understand key performance indicators by matter, practice group, or dates.  What if this data was easily accessible in a user-friendly, configurable dashboard?  

Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + MatterPRO Solution

Powered by K2 Five, MatterPRO is a matter and case management solution that allows your legal team to manage all matters in one place. MatterPRO is a flexible and intuitive solution that delivers the most effective tools and functionalities that simplify and streamline the day-to-day activities and tasks that consumes a legal team’s precious limited bandwidth. 

In addition, MatterPRO integrates with your financial information to provide the MatterPRO BI Dashboard.  This powerful tool contains interactive dashboards and reports that allow you to manage time and billing, budget, and profitability across all critical dimensions such as timekeeper, matter, department, or date.  

Get the Most Out of Your MatterPRO Solution


Easily Add New Expenses

  • Load new lead information once in MatterPRO and pass it to the right people at the right time 
  • Check for conflicts prior to engaging on a new matter 
  • Easily configure workflows for different types of matters  


Process Financial Transactions

  • Generate, review, and approve check requests, invoices, purchase orders, travel requests, and more 
  • Establish approval rules and workflows customized to your firm’s needs


Analyze 360 Degree View of Time and Billing

  • View, share, and export configurable dashboards 
  • Customize key performance indicators based upon your firm’s priorities


Extend withIntegrations

  • Leverage your existing systems by connecting them to MatterPRO 
  • Connect with Salesforce, SQL/Oracle, UPS/Fedex/USPS, Concur, Elite, and many others 

How it Works


Streamline New Matter Intake

  • Connect to a K2 SmartObject 
  • Drag and drop fields onto your template 
  • Build dynamic rules, including optional and repeatable content 


Simplify Communications

  • Emails, text messages, letters, and phone calls are tracked and stored 
  • MatterPRO integrates with the systems you use every day  


Make Informed Decisions

  • Manage time and billing, budget, and profitability using interactive dashboards 
  • View caseloads and pending matters 

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