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Safety inspections are crucial to helping prevent incidents, accidents, and injuries, but organizations often still conduct these in a manual fashion using paper and pen. Information can easily get lost or shortcomings aren’t responded to quickly enough when administrative tasks or processing drag out. 

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Platform Video: Workflow

Conduct Inspections and Reduce Risk

K2’s safety inspection application gives supervisors an easy to way complete inspections while funneling the information back to their headquarters for action. The solution provides field inspectors ease of use with forms that can be used on any mobile device such as a phone or tablet and delivers the crucial feedback back to their team to carry out remedial actions.

Attain Safety Goals Faster


Inspectors Provide Information On-the-Go

  • Inspectors can fill in forms on their mobile devices using K2 SmartForms 
  • All filled in information gets sent back in real-time to headquarters teams
  • Reduce delay of information and avoid manual data entry 


Take Corrective and Remedial Actions Quickly

  • Based on severity of shortcomings, supervisors can take quick action to correct anything out of compliance 
  • Send notifications and communicate corrective actions to employees and people immediately once inspection is processed 


Assign Task Owners

  • Route tasks accordingly based on metadata within the inspection
  • Escalate any inspections to appropriate supervisors for any high priority problems that pose a threat


Use Audit History to Track Actions

  • Understand who did what and when to inspect and remediate the task through searchable history
  • Provide detailed logs and history to external auditors to confirm and validate corrective actions took place

How it Works


Conduct Inspection

Using a K2 SmartForm, submit a parts order with vendor details like: 

  • Project Number
  • Location
  • Supervisor
  • Inspection Comments
  • Inspection Dates
  • Hazards
  • Hazard Classification 
  • Suggested Corrective Actions 


Follow Up to the Inspection

  • The submitted parts order request gets submitted and notifies the parties that need to take action once the safety inspection takes place.  
  • Owners who need to take action can immediately view the details of the inspection attached in their notification and understand what corrective measures need to take place. 


Take Corrective Actions

  • Contractors and employees can take the necessary action to reduce hazards based on inspection details. 
  • Once corrective action is taken, the workflow can be completed and archived for historical and auditing purposes. 

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