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Industry Trends & Challenges

Possibly the most important process to any organization, quote-to-cash is vital to driving revenue for every business. From product/service configuration to quote creation to order management, each step of the quote-to-cash process can often become siloed or disconnected from the rest, resulting in lost time, opportunities, and revenue.  

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Platform Video: Workflow

End-to-end Quote-to-cash

 Leveraging K2’s quote-to-cash application provides sales executives a comprehensive, automated solution for the sales process. Sales teams can use a complete set of tools within K2 to automate every step of quote-to-cash while connecting other business systems that are crucial to each component of the process. Automating the quote-to-cash process can result in shorter sales cycles, more closed deals, and increased visibility across the rest of the organization.  

Close More Deals and Drive More Revenue


Digitally Transform and Increase Efficiency

  • Automate multi-step workflows and assign tasks to owners for each step (discount approvals, contract requests, legal review, etc.)
  • Eliminate manual tasks such as data entry, quote approvals, and signatures. 


Integrate Crucial Business Systems

  • Surface crucial data to quotes and contracts without having to toggle between screens and systems.
  • Use DocuSign and other e-signature tools to expedite contract signatures.  


Improve Customer Experience

  • Automate customer notifications and provide ease-of-use with contracts or agreements through the device of their choice: mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.
  • Avoid printing out contracts, signing manually, and emailing/faxing agreements back to vendor. 


Monitor Deals from a Central View

  • Gain visibility and control over deals in flight so leadership can get involved before a deal slips.  
  • Understand where bottlenecks may exist in each sales cycle. 

How it Works


Generate Quote

  • Using a K2 SmartForm, generate a quote. 
  • Integrate any CRM systems with the form to display account details such as address, industry, etc. within the quote.
  • Update any information to the CRM that may be incorrect directly in your form.
  • Add quote line items or SKUs to quote; then submit.  


Create and Execute Contract

  • Automate negotiation of contracts with the right stakeholders as it goes through iterations.
  • Easily surface the necessary information needed by Legal to approve the contract within the same system.
  • Finalize the deal and have all parties sign the contract.  


Sales Manager Reviews

  • The generated quote kicks off a workflow and automatically gets sent to the manager for review. 
  • Build in steps to route the quote back if the details in the quote are incorrect and need rework. 
  • Incorporate any review/approval SLAs and generate reminder notification to the sales manager. 


Execute Order Fulfillment and Invoice Customer

  • Process and deliver agreed upon order.
  • Assign and notify Operations to deliver the right products and services to the customers in a timely manner.
  • Once the order is fulfilled, automatically notify the finance team with the quote and contract for billing. 
    Get paid.  

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