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Industry Trends & Challenges

Organizations are often challenged to meet production or delivery times when parts that are necessary to complete the job malfunction, break, or need to be replaced. What’s worse is the process of ordering parts can create even more delay when workers have to take tedious steps to submit their order on paper, send the order to the supplier, confirm the order, etc. This can cost companies a lot of time and money when parts aren’t replenished quickly.

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Platform Video: Workflow

End-to-end Parts Ordering

K2’s parts ordering solution application provides companies a simple solution to meet their needs. Companies can track all their parts’ information in one view, auto-generate packing slips to provide to the supplier, and ultimately have their orders fulfilled quicker. In addition, the solution provides detailed reporting so managers know what parts they are still waiting for, who the bottlenecks are in the ordering process, and what common parts are needed to be replaced for future demand planning.

Fulfill Orders in a Timely Manner


Centralized Order Details

  • All details – part name, project name, delivery details, etc. regarding the part are in a centralized location for access and searchability
  • Integrate data for any additional look-ups from other systems of record 
  • Library of commonly used data make it faster and easier to fill out part order requests 


Auto-Generated Packing Slips

  • Based on the part number, automate packing slip creation with QR code for suppliers to easily fulfill the order
  • Suppliers can easily scan QR code provided to fulfill order 
  • Immediately notify order originator with a PDF for their records or archive in your enterprise content management (ECM) system 


Reduced Processing Times

  • Eliminate paper-based orders that can get lost or take time to process
  • Incorporate the appropriate managers or escalate when necessary for immediate action


Holistic Reporting for All Parts Orders

  • At quick glance, understand what orders are still waiting to get fulfilled 
  • Identify any common parts that are consistently requested and plan accordingly
  • Understand what bottlenecks in the process occur frequently to minimize turnaround times 

How it Works


Submit New Order

Using a K2 SmartForm, submit a parts order with vendor details like: 

  • Project Name
  • Part Name
  • Reason
  • Priority
  • Delivery address
  • Delivery instructions 


Streamlined Reviews

  • The submitted parts order request goes directly for order execution or gets sent to the appropriate reviewer if the part is above a certain budget, has a higher priority status, or needs to be fulfilled by a certain deadline. 


Order Processed and Shipped

  • Generate a packing slip with the appropriate product QR code and delivery details and send to the supplier. 
  • Suppliers can scan the QR code and deliver the part(s)
  • Workers can replace their parts and the order is then complete! 

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