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Industry Trends & Challenges

Accidents can often be unavoidable in the workplace, but companies must find efficient ways to make conditions safer for their employees. Not only do incident reports track crucial information around accidents, injuries, and corporate policies but must also be used for analysis to inform companies how to optimize the workplace to prevent further risk. 

Incident Mgt solution
Platform Video: Workflow

K2’s Incident Management System

K2’s incident management system gives companies a holistic view of all incidents that take place in their workplace. From logging new accidents to tracking completed, resolved incidents, managers can capture all the necessary details of each incident and use that information to better suit the safety needs of their employees. Depending on the type of incident, managers can respond appropriately and timely to resolve any workplace or personnel issues.

Prevent More Accidents and React Faster


Accident Details in One Place

  • All necessary incident information and documentation is available and searchable in a central location
  • Manager can look up additional, relevant information to the incident across systems through data integration
  • Immediately notify reviewers or managers if any corrective action is required 


Quicker Time to Resolution

  • Automated review processes ensure SLAs are met or higher priority accidents are resolved faster
  • Ensure the right reviewers are involved based on the metadata within the incident report
  • Tasks can easily be redirected if the wrong reviewers are initially assigned


Maintain Policies and Meet Compliance

  • Use audit information to review and revise any existing policies to minimize future risk
  • Confirm industry regulations such as RIDDOR apply and are met
  • Review, enforce, and reinforce policies within workspace personnel as a result of recurring incidents  


Track Incident Reports and Identify Trends

  • Gain visibility and control over all active incident reports to minimize response times 
  • Track any patterns in incident reports and apply this information to future policies or personnel training
  • Understand what incidents are happening in the workforce and respond proactively 

How it Works


Submit New Incident Report

Using a K2 SmartForm, create a report with all the incident details such as: 

  • Incident Type
  • Body Part Injury
  • Cause of Accident
  • Description
  • Location
  • Corrective Action Required
  • Incident Reporter

Footage and documentation can also be added to the report. 


Manager Reviews and Provides Corrective Action

  • The generated report kicks off a workflow and depending on the incident type or the level of severity, the report gets sent to the manager for review or escalated to leadership for immediate response. 
  • Managers can redirect the review task to a different manager, message the incident reporter directly within K2, or request for more information.
  • Once the incident has been reviewed, a corrective action can be proposed and sent back to the reporter. 


Reporter Reviews and Implements

  • Once the proposed resolution is provided to the incident reporter, they can review and decide if the response is appropriate for the circumstance.
  • Managers can implement the corrective action immediately and close out the case.  

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