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Providing a smooth and effortless experience when onboarding employees is crucial to starting off an employee’s experience on a good note. Human resources departments; however, are often challenged to seamlessly manage all the tedious tasks of an onboarding process, which can affect a new employee’s overall perception of the business.

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Platform Video: Workflow

Automate Employee Onboarding

K2’s employee onboarding solution streamlines and automates the employee onboarding experience that kicks off all the cross-functional tasks that need to be fulfilled prior to an employee’s first day. Doing so provides new hires the best employee onboarding experience that can help ensure higher retention rates and increase overall employee satisfaction.

Make a Good First Impression


Seamless onboarding process

  • Once the new hire has accepted their offer, managers can kick off their onboarding processes, days before they start to ensure a great experience 
  • Submit an onboarding request for a new hire through a K2 SmartForm that will ensure all the necessary information is filled out in one system of record 
  • Provide new hire details specific to each company department (Human Resources, IT, Finance, Facilities, etc.) through one form 


Easily approve onboarding requests

  • Human resources team gets immediately prompted for approval of the onboarding request 
  • If any additional information is required, the HR team can easily send the request back to the requester 


Quickly notify departments and teams for action

  • Kick off parallel workflows to specify actions that need to be taken from each department
  • Implement any SLAs or deadlines that need to be met prior to the new hire’s first day
  • Automate notifications and reminders if there is any delay in tasks 


Employee Onboarding Dashboard

  • Whether active or complete, track which employees are where in your onboarding process
  • Provide your HR team a worklist of outstanding tasks that still need to take place to onboard an employee 

How it Works


Submit onboarding requests

Using a SmartForm, managers can send in all the necessary employee information:  

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Role
  • Start Date
  • Employee Phone
  • Employee Email 

Managers could also include information around any IT access, equipment, and facilities requirements they have for this specific role.  


HR, IT, and facilities take action

  • If all employee information is complete and approved, tasks will be created for each team to take action. 
  • All teams will be notified to complete their tasks by a certain timeframe via email or mobile push notification.  
  • A reminder will be sent out to let task assignees know if task is still incomplete.
  • If task owners have any questions, they can access the information provided from the request form. 


Generate and deliver documents

  • Automatically create any documents that need new hires’ signatures using information provided in the request form.
  • Send new hires any existing documents that still need personal information or signatures that can be integrated with your e-Signature solution 

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