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Industry Trends & Challenges

Companies are increasingly finding social media is a major channel to engaging with customers and collecting their feedback. However, extrapolation and assessment of the data that’s provided on social media can be painfully manual, and organizations are challenged to find sustainable ways to respond to customer feedback on social media in a timely manner.

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Platform Video: Workflow

Simplify Social Media Management 

K2’s content moderation solution for social media gives social media managers and customer service representatives alike a simplified way to respond to customers quickly. The solution can analyze and assess both images and text included in posts to deem appropriateness of the content. With the help of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI capabilities), K2 can provide content reviewers recommendations if it gauges poor sentiment from the post.

Deliver Better Customer Experiences


Process Social Posts Faster

  • Image and text information from the posts are pushed into the moderation process through a K2 SmartForm 
  • AI capabilities can score content and surface posts and customers that need responses quickly 
  • Any critical posts can be escalated for special attention and review to optimize customer engagement 


Centralized Workspace

  • Review critical posts from a centralized dashboard and identify any common trends or patterns 
  • Understand from a high-level which posts still needed to be responded to 


Seamless Review Process

  • Route posts that need specialized responses based on keywords and any metadata information
  • Task owners can be notified immediately to ensure response to the post is timely and the customer’s issue is addressed 


Improve Communications

  • Develop and optimize social media content to respond to recurring customer issues or complaints 
  • Craft social media content in future communications to minimize risk or customer dissatisfaction  

How it Works


Social Media Content is Submitted

  • Using a SmartForm, application developers can run analysis on images, text, and metadata provided in the post.  
  • This can include any personal identifiable information (PII), main keywords, or incident information that can help process the feedback. 


Content is Reviewed and Routed for Processing

  • Microsoft’s AI capabilities provide sentiment analysis on images and text and provides a recommendation on whether the post should be reviewed. 
  • If review is recommended, the appropriate person can get involved and evaluate the best response to the customer. 


Respond to Customers

  • Responders can follow up with customers with more information or any action items that will be taken as a result of the customer feedback. 
  • Excellent customer service can be delivered and relationships preserved.  

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