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Platform Video: Workflow

Industry Trends & Challenges

K2 customers need to modernize their environments to take advantage of the new tools and features available, particularly the new Workflow Designer. However, converting legacy workflows to the latest format is manual and can be time-consuming and potentially error ridden. Customers must find a way to quickly move forward with upgrades to leverage the latest technology.  

Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + jeylabs Solution

Using jeylabs PowerToolz Express Workflow Converter with K2's application development platform allows customers to convert their workflows consistently, correctly, and cost effectively. Legacy workflows that can take days to configure and test can be easily converted into the most recent format in half a day’s time. Leveraging the new K2 workflow designer increases productivity and ultimately speeds up application development.

Convert K2 5.x workflows consistently, correctly and cost effectively


Connect to your K2 Five Environment

  • Run PowerToolz Express from a Windows 10 Desktop or Windows Server
  • Locate and display all K2 4.7 workflow definitions
  • Load KPRX files


Analyze K2 4.7 workflows

  • Analyse and report conversion outcomes before converting workflows so conversion decisions are informed
  • Leverage comprehensive configuration guidance reporting


Convert workflows to K2

  • Convert and report conversion outcomes
  • Save converted workflows within your K2 Five environment, leaving legacy workflows untouched


Configure, Test & Deploy

  • Apply appropriate configurations to workflows
  • Test workflows using PowerToolz tester
  • Deploy using K2 P&D tools

How it Works

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Manual Process


K2 and jeylabs provide a best-in-class solution for a variety of different use cases. Leveraging our combined expertise and the power of our complementary technology stacks, we help businesses accelerate their time to value with automation and content. Visit for more information and to download PowerToolz Analyser. 

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