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Industry Trends & Challenges

Testing and administration can often become tedious and cumbersome for K2 administrators and process owners who are looking to work with agile and lean practices. According to a recent Gartner report on Application Development, “testing is no longer a stage in a DevOps deliver, but quality has become an integral activity that impacts all areas, and by 2020, DevOps initiatives will cause 50% of enterprise[s] to implement continuous testing.” Businesses must find a way to automate application testing to help DevOps and testing teams keep pace with work. 

Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + jeylabs Solution

Combining the power of K2's low-code application development platform with jeylabs PowerToolz Tester allows K2 customers to embrace test-driven development and delivery methodologies. With PowerToolz, administrators can create regression test suites to test their apps, workflows, SmartForms, SmartObjects and backend integration consistently, correctly and cost effectively. Troubleshooting and updating K2 artefacts can be performed with ease and confidence. 

Test, Troubleshoot and Administer your Content and Low-code


Test forms and workflows

  • Conduct consistent regression testing using pre-defined test cases
  • Compare test performance through reporting
  • Efficiently update testing as applications evolve



  • Utilize test scripts to monitor K2 environment health
  • Troubleshoot and confidently amend instances
  • Reduce rework for users
  • Enhance administration of K2 environments


Quickly adopt business changes with QA

  • Gain confidence in the deployment of changes by automating regression testing
  • Invest more in development as less time is spent testing


Test-driven development approach

  • Quickly validate small changes
  • Use test cases as design aids
  • Create, execute, share and schedule test scripts across users and environments

How it Works

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Manual Process


K2 and jeylabs provide a best-in-class solution for a variety of different use cases. Leveraging our combined expertise and the power of our complementary technology stacks, we help businesses accelerate their time to value with automation and content. Visit for more information and to download PowerToolz Analyser. 

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