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Industry Trends & Challenges

Businesses are growing faster than their operations can handle, and it’s common for there to be an absence of process standardization within most companies. But the systemic inertia can lead to increased costs and lowered productivity for companies. Companies need to connect their business processes with the crucial business documents and data that drive their operations.

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Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + OFFICEPoint Solution

OFFICEpoint, eVision’s electronic operations system built on K2’s low-code application development platform, gives companies and public administrative and governmental bodies the tools to optimize and digitize all their crucial processes. OFFICEpoint makes it easier to manage all mail and documents whether incoming, outgoing, in circulation, or archived. Use OFFICEpoint’s content and records management system to gain control over documentation flow and increase efficiency when following administrative procedures.

Get the Most Out of Your Electronic Records Management System


Centralize All Documents

  • Manage business content of all formats from one records and content management system.
  • Minimize the need for circulation of printed documents and connect all documents received and created with existing records.


Manage the Flow of Information

  • Move necessary content for your users around your organization simply, quickly, and securely​.
  • From incoming documents to digital archives, optimize the full lifecycle of all your documents.
    Allow users to work on documents from any location.


Create Ease of Use with Content

  • Track document changes easily and manage file version history​.
  • Find content you need with simple, quick and customizable data searches.
  • Support document scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) to minimize human error and manual tasks.


Use Content for Decision Making

  • Enable users to make administrative procedure appeals and document dispatch decisions seamlessly​.
  • Confirm documents have been received so users can take action on business items.

How it Works


Getting More Done

  • Simple, fast and customizable search by all entered data and content.
  • Collaboration of multiple users on the output document, with the ability to monitor all of its versions.
  • Faster and easier document management thanks to barcode content labeling.


Mobile & Practical

  • Access and work on documents from any location.
  • Receiving documents at a central location through an intuitive user interface.
  • Timely information about any changes to a document or subject.


Extra Benefits

  • Self-defining additional metadata for connecting to external system encryption.
  • Supported scanning process and OCR processing of documents and automatic associating to writing.
  • With OfficePoint API use the desired benefits and functionality of the platform and access them through your existing applications.

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Who We Are

Leverage OFFICEpoint, eVision’s electronic office operations system to help you manage records and documents within your company of governmental unit. Digitize and optimize your business processes so you can spend less time processing and archiving paper documents and managing content workflows and administrative procedures. Increase efficiency and distribution of the right content to your users to meet all the specific business needs of your organization. 

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