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Industry Trends & Challenges

Organizational decision making and task distribution processes can become complex with the number of stakeholders and meetings involved to discuss business matters. Moreover, companies often find that their documentation and paper trails are growing, resulting in lost documents and information. Businesses must find ways to make efficient and prompt decisions to reduce time and labor costs and increase productivity and efficiency across their organizations.

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Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + BOARDPoint Solution

Using K2 and Ephesoft’s Transact solution allows you to automatically capture, classify, extract, and export unstructured business data and apply the information directly into your critical applications within K2’s low-code development platform. Automate, manage, and monitor processes built around your content on one central platform. K2 makes it easy for you to take your data and build custom applications, workflows, and forms around your information and integrate it with other line-of-business systems.

Get the Most Out of Your Digital Meeting Solution


Digitize and Eliminate All Paper Documents

  • Remove paper from all processes and digitize across multiple form factors – phones, tablets, computers​.
  • Make it easier for users to enter data, search, and access all documents digitally and simply.


Make Meetings More Efficient

  • Control and implement an agenda proposal preparation process including proposal submissions and documents​.
  • Incorporate multiple stakeholders to make sure the agenda meets all participants’ needs​.


Monitor All Your Processes in Real Time

  • Oversee quorums, electronic voting processes and results in real-time to ensure accuracy and reduce error​.
  • Make decisions faster when observing real-time information and analytics around your processes.​


Execute Processes in a Timely Manner

  • Define deadlines for each step of your process to ensure timeliness and advancement of projects​.
  • Make adjustments to the decision-making process based on the specificities of your business​.
  • Automate aspects of a process to accelerate process completion.

How it Works



  • Create and approve proposal agenda items with input from multiple stakeholders​.
  • Prepare and publish board meeting session notes and agenda to all stakeholders.



  • Add new meetings​.
  • Define meeting participants, agenda items, and additional supporting materials with data necessary for decision-making​.
  • Publish meetings after they take place.



  • Create minutes for the meeting​.
  • Developing decision documents​.
  • Conclude the meeting​.
  • Distribute decisions and manage tasks across stakeholders.​

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Who We Are

Use BOARDpoint, eVision’s digital meeting solution, powered by K2 to ensure fast access to the relevant information and content you need to conduct meetings. Walk away from meetings with a clear understanding of decision distribution and task management across all your stakeholders, so you can streamline processes and collaboration across your organization.

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