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Industry Trends & Challenges

In today’s world, immediate access to data and business intelligence are critical to success. But many companies are discovering that valuable information is untapped and resides in data silos across their organization. More than 80% of information is found in unstructured content which means only a small percentage of data is easily searchable and retrievable. Businesses must find a way to read, track, route, process, and report on their data to use their content in a meaningful way.​

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Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + Ephesoft Solution

Using K2 and Ephesoft’s Transact solution allows you to automatically capture, classify, extract, and export unstructured business data and apply the information directly into your critical applications within K2’s low-code development platform. Automate, manage, and monitor processes built around your content on one central platform. K2 makes it easy for you to take your data and build custom applications, workflows, and forms around your information and integrate it with other line-of-business systems.

Get the Most Out of Your Content with Intelligent Automation


Identify and Extract Unstructured Data

  • Increase productivity of up to 400%.
  • Produce an average 30-50% in labor savings​​.
  • Increase processing times up by 50-80%.


Classify, Extract,and Export Data

  • Cut document prep times and serve relevant content to the right users.
  • Increase usability, search, and find functions.
  • Eliminate manual data entry that can often be error-prone.


Apply Document Intelligence

  • Surface valuable data untapped in documents to power crucial business processes ​with the power of patented, supervised machine learning technology, generating more value over time​.
  • The system can learn to recognize any type of document in any format.


Create More Business Value

  • Uncover unstructured data and see greater efficiency, accuracy, productivity and cost savings​.
  • Improve processes and make better decisions with real-time insights and analytics. ​​
  • Optimize document-driven workflows to streamline automation, reduce processing time, and yield greater ROI.

How it Works



  • Capture content using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from any document and source​.
  • Apply AI technology to extract, separate, and classify content accurately.



  • Extract metadata to provide actionable information around workflow, compliance, and security​.
  • Search and use content pulled from documents.



  • Validate and export data from documents; escalate when errors and exceptions are identified.
  • Build business apps driven by content that connect with people and processes.

Who We Are

K2 and Ephesoft provide customers an intelligent approach to managing data and streamlining business processes within their organizations. Combine the expertise of document capture and machine learning with Ephesoft and the power of K2's low-code development platform to transform your document workflows. Use unstructured data to put your content to work and build document-based business processes that streamline productivity and connect people with the right content, processes, and systems.

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K2 helps you build apps that drive your business forward. Create powerful forms, workflows, and business applications that tie into your line-of-business systems.

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Ephesoft, Inc. develops technology that makes meaning out of unstructured data for decision-makers worldwide. Use supervised machine learning and discover the next generation of enterprise content capture and data discovery solutions.