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Industry Trends & Challenges

Organizations today still face challenges when it comes to sharing and disseminating content across their users, systems, and organizations. Companies must remove barriers to sharing and collaboration by connecting their apps to their content to streamline and automate workflow.

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Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + Dropbox Solution

Using K2’s low-code development platform, users can integrate their workflows with Dropbox content and create business solutions they need to get their jobs done. Combining the solutions also allows users to integrate their line-of-business systems with their Dropbox content to drive productivity and efficiency in their business processes.​

Get the Most Out of Your Content and Workflow


Build Business Apps with Content You Need

  • Use drag-and-drop tooling to quickly build complex workflows without custom coding.​​
  • Incorporate your Dropbox content into all your processes and avoid toggling between apps and combing through emails.


Integrate All Your IT Systems and Apps

  • Connect Dropbox to all your crucial IT systems and manage your content workflows in one place.​​
  • Create a central workspace for your users to collaborate and access their files.


Monitor Processes and Improve Them

  • Discover new ways to optimize your content for future processing.​​
  • Leverage K2 real-time reporting capabilities to  understand how your content workflows are performing to speed up processing times.


Apply Intelligence to Content Workflows

  • Structure your content and add intelligence and predictability to make your content smarter.​​
  • Enhance your content and workflows with robotic processing automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

How it Works



  • Integrate K2 and Dropbox to access files and folders within the low-code platform.



  • Attach files to email and workflow steps.​
  • Access and display folders and files within your forms.​
  • Upload files to Dropbox from K2 forms and workflows.



  • Reimagine and build powerful content workflows.​
  • Deliver business solutions that are content-centric.​
  • Automate tasks and content across humans and systems.

Example Use Cases: content creation and approval​, document management and version control​,
indexing and categorization​, structure data (structured, unstructured, semi-structured)

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Who We Are

Use the power of K2’s low-code development platform with Dropbox, a global collaboration platform, to integrate workflows with your critical Dropbox content and create solutions that meet your business needs. Streamline workflow and optimize your content as well as your business processes to drive productivity and efficiency across teams and improve overall business performance.  

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