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Industry Trends & Challenges

Manual document creation and management can be time consuming, resource-intensive, and tedious. This can often result in incomplete, non-compliant, and incorrect crucial business documents circulating in an organization. Companies need a way to digitally compose documents that are dynamic and leverage templates when appropriate. 

Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + DocFusion Solution

K2 + DocFusion helps customers to digitize their documents and simplify document processes to enable them to build a fully automated and truly paperless business. Automating document input and output is a crucial component to the journey towards digital transformation for every organization. 

Get the Most Out of Your Document Processes


Optimize Document Creation Processes

  • Reduce turnaround time on document processes 
  • Dynamically generate documents immediately based on pre-defined template rules and mappings
  • Implement dynamic section and clause numbering, cross-references and table of contents
  • Automate customer communications 


Reduce Risk and Remain Compliant

  • Eliminate human errors and mistakes 
  • Ensure document consistency throughout the organization 
  • Manage legislative changes with rule-driven content creation 


Create Templates with a User-Friendly Designer

  • Connect to multiple data sources (including the ability to import K2 SmartObjects) 
  • Use drag-and-drop tooling for data fields
  • Leverage a visual rule and query builder 
  • Format with multiple options including number to words conversion, barcode creation, and conditional style formatting


Manage Templates From A Central Repository

  • Manage all your organizational content in a single template repository 
  • Create content libraries for re-usable legal clauses, annexures, document sections, headers and footers 
  • Provide user-based access and version control 

How it Works

Example Use Cases: Employee contracts, proposal processing, non-disclosure agreement generation and fulfillment


Design a DocFusion Template

  • Connect to a K2 SmartObject
  • Drag-and-drop fields onto your template
  • Build dynamic rules, including optional and repeatable content 


Build a K2 Application

  • Connect your K2 workflow or form to Docfusion
  • Specify DocFusion template and configuration
  • Add steps to view, store or e-mail the generated document 


Run Your K2 Application

  • Complete the DocFusion enabled K2 form or start the workflow
  • View or approve your uniquely auto-generated document
  • Implement documents into other relevant business applications 

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Who We Are

DocFusion’s cloud-based document composition and automation engine helps you manage all your content and processes. Simplify complex document generation and processes by creating document templates that are dynamic with K2 form data fields. Transform your workflows and paper-based processes with DocFusion and K2’s integrated document solution.  

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K2 helps you build apps that drive your business forward. Create powerful forms, workflows, and business applications that tie into your line-of-business systems.

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DocFusion enables you to auto-generate documents built with our drag-and-drop, rule-based template designer, removing the need for manual document creation and allowing for on-demand document generation and high-volume batching.