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Industry Trends & Challenges

While employee on-boarding and provisioning are frequent use cases for process automation, robotic process automation (RPA) technology provides new efficiencies that HR personnel seek and new hires appreciate. By introducing RPA bots into on-boarding solutions, HR personnel  are freed from tedious operational overhead, so they can spend more time with employees and strategic efforts on personnel growth. New hires will also appreciate a more streamlined process, enabling them to easily engage with HR to complete important paperwork.

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Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + Discover Technologies employee On-boarding solution

The Streamlined Employee On-boarding and Provisioning Solution helps companies grow by eliminating traditional process waste and providing more time for HR personnel and new hires. By removing typical operational overhead, HR personnel have more to work with staff and on staff enrichment programs. With this drastic reduction in overhead, organizations are able to better scale the on-boarding and provisioning process and provide an efficient and consistent process for new hires.

Get the Most Out of Your Employee On-boarding and Provisioning


Increase Productivity 

  • HR staff are freed from operational tedium
  • New hires only need to supply personal information once


Reduce Errors 

  • Elimination of handwritten information removes readability concerns
  • RPA bots eliminate transcription errors


Increase Retention 

  • Ease of on-boarding is a great first impression
  • Enable new employees to get started in their roles immediately

How it Works


Eliminate handwritten data

  • K2 forms and data structure are used to collect and track the data that was previously handwritten.
  • Keeping data digital eliminates the need to print, complete and scan forms by hand.


System integration without cut and paste

  • With all relevant data available in digital format, the process can easily scale.
  • Bots do the work to complete forms for signature.
  • Bots are used to initiate all provisioning work that was previously a manual task.


Automated task routing and notification

  • The K2 process automation platform ensures humans can efficiently direct the UiPath bots.
  • Tasks are routed automatically to ensure that work is done in the most efficient way

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Who We Are

Amending a K2-based process with UiPath bots, enables organization to scale their internal processes, by removing the need for tedious manual input, reducing errors and freeing office workers to spend more time on staff and strategic efforts.

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