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Industry Trends & Challenges

Capital expenditures (CapEx) have a substantial effect on companies’ short-term and long-term financial standings and often require extensive time and preparation for approval. As a result, businesses often apply complicated and manual processes when forecasting and evaluating the costs, benefits, and risks associated with each investment.

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Platform Video: Workflow

Caprivi's CapEx Solution Built on K2

Combine the power of K2's low-code development platform with Caprivi’s CapEx software so you can manage the full lifecycle of all your CapEx projects. From budgeting to post investment reviews, Caprivi’s CapEx360 software solution, built on K2, can help you track, transform, and automate your CapEx process. Have 360 degrees of control — from budgeting and forecasting to execution and post-investment review, the joint solution tracks it all.

Get the Most Out of Your Capital Expenditures


Achieve Greater ROI

  • Audit, track, and report on all your projects, from inception to completion.
  • Archive all current and previous projects for post investment reviews.
  • Consolidate budgets, submitted requests, actuals and forecasted spending into a central view.


Streamline Requests for Better User Experience

  • Use dynamic forms with full validation to capture all your requests.
  • Kick off approval processes and automate reporting with form submissions.
  • Provide net present value (NPV) and payback calculations to users.


Manage with a Comprehensive Solution

  • Plan and budget for multi-year capital expenditures.
  • Account for planned and unplanned carryover.
  • Control authorized and unauthorized spending.


Reduce Processingand Approval Times

  • Remove any bottlenecks in your workflows and speed up approval processes.
  • Automate approval escalations to meet deadlines.
  • Minimize lost requests and incorrect request designations.

How it Works



  • Create new or migrate existing multi-currency budgets from Excel to the Caprivi system for multi-year/carryover projects.
  • Budget in discrete/non-discrete items or by a funds-based approach.



  • Once budget is uploaded and approved, K2's workflow engine handles the request and approval process and ensures delegation of authority.
  • Use request forms to capture both CapEx and OpEx costs.



  • Integrate your financial system to your CapEx process for payment and processing.
  • Capture budgeted, actual, and forecasted costs.
  • Remove any risk of unauthorized spending.
  • Analyze NPV through financial and audit reports.

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K2 helps you build apps that drive your business forward. Create powerful forms, workflows, and business applications that tie into your line-of-business systems.

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Caprivi Solutions is a leader in CapEx Management Software. The CapEx360 software designed for global enterprises allows you to maximize your time and resource management while improving CapEx budgeting, approval and forecasting processes.