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Industry Trends & Challenges

There has been a significant shift in organizations moving away from traditional project management approaches to agile methodologies. Previously, drawn-out time-to-market cycles severely impacted business outcomes and limited collaboration between IT and the rest of the organization. Shifting to an agile approach alleviates poor visibility around planning and progress and incorporates direct feedback and prioritization along the development path. Low-code application development is no different, and companies must find a way to follow best practices and implement agile principles in order to rapidly deliver business solutions.  

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Platform Video: Workflow

K2 + AuraQ Solution (Agile Workspace) 

AuraQ Agile Workspace, embedded within the K2 development platform, enables K2 customers to effectively manage agile projects and improve sprint planning. It allows development teams to collaborate while encouraging them to follow best practice and agile principles as they plan, build and release applications within their businesses.   

Providing clear visibility across sprints, Agile Workspace ensures focus on iterative development and allows both the business and IT to effectively communicate using one platform. By using the same platform, the business stays close to the development process which results in better buy-in and increased interaction during testing, which improves the pace of development.  

Streamline Application Development with Agile Workspace 


Visibility Across the Business 

  • Align your end solutions more closely to the needs of the business 
  • Integrate IT resources further into business strategy
  • Work towards a common goal cross-functionally and increase productivity 


Improved Pace of Development 

  • Implement constant and sustainable pace of development 
  • Achieve ROI from developed solutions faster 


Central Workspace for Monitoring Progress 

  • Facilitate better business interaction and buy-in  
  • Provide visibility around progress so goals can be realized faster 


Better Control, Visibility and Oversight of Project Development 

  • Stories are clearly marked so users have a real-time view and implement change quickly  
  • Requirements can be refined with closed feedback loops 

How it Works

The Agile Workspace solution for K2 empowers employees to innovate and collaborate enterprise-wide. Built on the K2 platform, Agile Workspace offers an exclusive and intuitive way for users to manage projects and deliver continuous improvement by embedding agile best practices directly within the low-code application development platform.  
Bridging the gap between cross-functional teams, Agile Workspace provides a central place for K2 customers to plan, develop, release, and improve software applications in an agile manner. It also accelerates development time by removing the barriers of communication across different business units and roles. 


Sprint creation and planning  

  • With the ability to create user stories, organize sprints and assign tasks to individual users, projects can be set up quickly and easily. Through team collaboration, stories or backlog items can be refined, estimated and scheduled.  


Agile development 

  • Stories, or tasks within a story, can be assigned to individual users that correspond with their individual roles and responsibilities. This capability focuses on iterative development and distinct visibility on stories in progress (to-do, running, testing, done) across sprints. 


Frequent and secure releases 

  • Frequent release is encouraged, with typical agile sprints being 1-2 weeks. Development cycles are short to encourage rapid development with high product quality and faster ROI. 


Instant feedback within any application 

  • Any user, internal or external, can provide feedback on applications, or on any webpage outside of the application. The built-in extension allows users to capture images and report feedback directly into Agile Workspace. 


Real-time reporting and metrics 

  • Built-in burn-down charts and metrics provide project information and real-time insight into how each sprint is performing. 

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Who We Are

Agile Workspace brings together the K2 development environment with Agile sprint planning. With collaboration being essential to project success, Agile Workspace facilitates a way for the entire organization to interact in real-time, whether it be a business user, developer, project manager or stakeholder. Removing gaps between the business and IT allows K2 customers to deliver applications faster, with greater flexibility and more control.  

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AuraQ is an experienced professional services and technology solutions provider, specializing in the development of process solutions and the management of content and enterprise-wide systems integration. AuraQ is a K2 gold delivery partner and has a team of certified K2 delivery consultants who help successfully transform business processes for clients across the UK and Europe.