How to Buy

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Which K2 product is right for me?

Whether you’re looking for a no-code solution in the Cloud or a low-code, on-premises platform, we have a solution to match your needs. You can learn more about our products, K2 blackpearl and K2 Appit for SharePoint, here. If you’d rather have us walk you through them to find the best fit, please contact us.

Why work with a partner?

K2 works with technology partners to bring customers the best process-driven solutions on the market. K2 also works with delivery partners, who are highly trained, best-in-class consultants, to help customers implement the K2 platform and more.

What pricing models do you offer?

We offer pricing models that accommodate both on premises and cloud deployment products. Please contact us for more information.

Is maintenance included in the purchase price?

We do offer product maintenance, and you can choose a maintenance package option at the time of your K2 purchase.