Build: Think Low-Code

Work smarter, increase agility and accelerate business. Use K2's drag-and-drop visual designers to create rich user experiences and connect seamlessly — at any time, anywhere.


Reach across siloed systems to create comprehensive workflows with little or no code — from small, departmental processes that handle document approvals to complex processes such as quote-to-cash.

Build Workflow

K2 workflows are:

  • Scalable and agile
  • Intuitive and easy to create using drag-and-drop designers
  • Built for sharing: save your workflow steps and common functions as a template
  • Reusable across many applications
  • Built to contain logic and rules when needed
  • Available on premises and in the cloud
"K2 allows you to bring a new process to production [within three months] — even with integration with backend systems. Other systems cannot meet the same expectations and timelines."

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SmartStarters: A Video Introduction

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