Automate and orchestrate complex processes

K2 Cloud empowers you to deliver powerful process automation and orchestration, without writing code.

K2 offers us the ability to automate business workflows and move them from person to person or team to team as appropriate. It also allows us to get reliable inputs and outputs from the system so that we are getting those consistently and correctly each time. You know what you're delivering is going to be right 99% of the time. It's all about consistency.”

- Jennifer Woolery, Program Manager, E-Commerce, Microsoft


Centralized task management

Give users a centralized view of all their assigned tasks so work can be completed more efficiently.

real-time status

Real-time status reporting

K2 Viewflow provides a real-time, graphical view of process status so your users know exactly what's happening and where bottlenecks are occuring.

Stay informed

Stay informed

Alerts and notifications help ensure processes run smoothly and tasks are completed on time.

Extensible and flexible

Extensible and flexible

Rich workflow APIs enable developers to extend processes with interaction to third-party systems and custom applications.

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