Quickly deliver business-critical applications

K2 Cloud is a low-code development platform that enables you to deliver business-critical applications quickly and innovate continuously, all without writing complex code.

Application development for everyone

Drag-and-drop designers empower the problem-solvers in your organization to build great solutions, even if they’re not professional developers.

Build once, reuse everywhere

All K2 components, including forms, workflow and integration connectors are reusable across any application, making development time faster and ongoing maintenance easier.

Always mobile

Access your applications via a mobile as soon as they're published - no rework or additional development time needed.

Handle complexity with ease

With industry-leading process automation and orchestration capabilities, visual rules designers and out-of-the box connectors, it's easy to build complex applications without resorting to custom code.

One of the beauties of K2 and where it really shines is…we’ve had to make lots of adjustments due to changes in our business and K2 has been very quick at helping us adapt to these changing business requirements on the fly.”

- Adam Clayton, CFO, Proliant


Powerful solutions, without code

Deliver game-changing solutions quickly - without code and without the complex configuration required in other low-code platforms.

Stay agile

K2 Cenables you to be more agile with low-code tools that make it easy to react to change quickly, resulting in a business that is ready for the future, no matter what the future brings.

Promote collaboration

Low-code tools empower the business to become more involved in application development, leading to better collaboration between the business and IT, which ultimately drives better results.

From idea to app, really fast

With K2's low-code tools and pre-built SmartStarters covering a wide variety of use cases, you'll be able to get started quickly and innovate continuously.

Ready to see K2 Cloud in action?

Have one of our K2 experts give you a guided demo online. Or try our user-friendly tools free for 30 days to see how K2’s intelligent automation works.