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Podcast: Executive Interview with Koos du Preez of K2


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The rise of the cloud has forced enterprise IT departments to act more like service providers with an internal market. To help provide executives insight into what it takes to design and engineer services, the editors of E2 bring you an exclusive executive interview with Koos du Preez, Chief Technical Officer of K2.

With nearly two decades of experience in electronics and software design, Koos du Preez serves as CTO of K2 and is also part of its executive leadership team. He is responsible for the entire K2 platform architecture and technical direction, with a focus on scalable-enterprise and process-driven applications.

He started his career in information technology at the age of 17 as a digital electronics systems design engineer and assembler programmer. Throughout his career, he has always been regarded as a technical thought leader with a natural ability for cracking difficult-to-solve problems, making him the go-to person when all other avenues have failed.

Koos has been with K2 since 2005 and assumed the role of CTO in 2006. He still very much enjoys getting involved in all areas of the K2 platform, and he can often be found aiding teams around the world with his deep architectural and code debugging knowledge. Prior to joining K2, he held the position of Chief Software Architect at a California-based high-availability software vendor.

In his spare time, Koos is an avid aquatic explorer and President of the Global Underwater Explorers Seattle, a Seattle-based nonprofit conservational organization. On evenings and weekends, he can be found running around the Pacific Northwest waters with his boat and sonar side scanner or down in 250-foot deep water at the bottom of a bay or lake, breathing helium mixtures while exploring and researching submerged resources of ecological or historical significance.