Powerful Workflow Automation without Code

Automate workflows across your departments using K2’s drag-and-drop designer.

Workflows dictate your business processes and their efficiency. For many, the ability to automate workflows is reliant on hand-coding by an IT team that’s already backlogged. But with K2’s low-code process automation platform, developers and even less technical users can build workflows visually using drag-and-drop functionality, enabling your business to deploy automated processes in days rather than months or years.

Whether you want to automate sales approval processes, PTO leave requests or larger, cross-functional processes, K2 can help. Use our low-code platform to easily create custom workflows without writing lines of code, or employ our out-of-the-box SmartStarter apps to start automating your processes immediately.

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K2 Workflow Capabilities

Our powerful workflow automation software offers the following:

Visual Designer

Use browser-based tooling that portrays workflow logic and steps in imagery rather than buried in code.

Business Rules

Incorporate workflow logic to efficiently manage escalations and due dates, dynamically route work and more.

LOB Integration

Use K2’s SmartObject framework to integrate existing line-of-business systems into your workflows.

Built-in Auditing

Built-in workflow audit tools provide real-time status and audit information for every step so you can identify bottlenecks.

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"I don’t worry too much about the future. Whatever the business needs and whatever new acquisitions we make, I know that we can create the workflows required using K2."
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Better collaboration.
Greater visibility.

With K2, you can empower your business users and IT teams to work together like never before. Our visual workflow tool enables less technical users to automate their own processes, easing the burden on IT teams while still allowing them to maintain control over processes using K2’s platform as a central hub.

What’s more, workflow management reports offer supervisors real-time visibility into the status of tasks in one location — without needing to log in to multiple systems. It’s the fastest, smartest way to keep work moving efficiently, so your company can accelerate its digital transformation.

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