Security & Governance at the Core

Stay private and keep in line with regulations. K2 has comprehensive security and compliance features that meet or exceed industry standards across the globe.

Stay Secure and Compliant


  • Identity Management

    Azure Active Directory is the sole provider of identity within K2 Cloud and offers you various identity security capabilities natively. More details here.

  • Customer Security
    • Data is never co-mingled with another customer’s data
    • Connected to a single Identity Provider (Azure Active Directory)
  • Data Security & Reliability
    • Encrypted in transit (TLS/SSL)
    • Encrypted at rest (Azure SQL)
    • Highly available (Azure SQL)
    • DR capable (Azure SQL)
    • Data is not copied or stored in K2 environment
  • Cloud Security
    • All endpoints (tooling and API) are only available on SSL
    • Encrypted in transit (SSL) if supported by connected systems
    • Encrypted at rest (Azure SQL)
    • Host-based security (anti-virus, patching, etc.)
    • All traffic that flows within K2 Cloud is protected and secured from the public internet (all data transmitted within the Azure framework never leaves – even globally — until it is transmitted to you)
  • Operations Security
    • Information Security Management System and controls based on ISO 27001:2103 standards. Certified by an independent auditing agency.
    • CFR 21 Part 11
  • Platform Security
    • OWASP 10 building standard
    • Penetration testing by independent agency
    • In-house code analysis and testing


  • Access Controls

    Role-based access controls are integrated with mobile device management tools to ensure you can service your users on any device.

  • Data Sovereignty

    Your data doesn’t cross international lines, depending on the location of the datacenter.

  • Management Portal

    Get visibility across all your applications and administer the platform at many levels — from one central location.

In addition to removing manual tasks, making efficiencies and cutting costs, AXA Wealth uses K2 to meet strict FCA and SLA regulations.

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