Security & governance
at the core.

Stay private and keep in line with regulations. K2 has comprehensive security and compliance features that meet or exceed industry standards across the globe.

Stay secure and compliant

  • Access Controls

    Use role-based security to set access on both the creation of an application and its usage. Set up security around who can create or modify components of a K2 application, like workflows, forms or SmartObjects, as well as handle access to application tasks and data.

  • Auditability

    Using K2’s native audit capabilities, you can keep track of application usage as well as track specific decisions made as part of a process.

  • Management Portal

    Get visibility across all your applications and administer the platform from a central location.

Cloud Security & Governance
  • Identity Management

    Microsoft Azure Active Directory is the sole provider of identity within K2 Cloud and offers you various identity security capabilities. Learn more about identity in K2 Cloud here.

  • Customer Data Security

    Customer data is never co-mingled with another tenant and is encrypted, both in transit via TLS/SSL and at rest using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) capabilities.

  • It's Your Data

    External line-of-business (LOB) data surfaced within a K2 application is never copied or duplicated within K2 so your data stays secure and is always up-to-date.

  • High Availability

    K2 Cloud is architected to provide a highly-available, cloud-based environment with built-in disaster recovery capabilities. Anti-virus protection and automatic security patching helps protect your environment from unwanted attacks and downtime.

  • Secure & Private

    All K2 Cloud traffic is protected and secure from the public internet and never leaves the private network – even globally – until it is transmitted to your browser.

Certifications & Testing
  • Cloud Certifications

    K2 Cloud is certified for ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II and G-Cloud. For more information about these certifications, please see the K2 Certifications and Compliance page.

  • OWASP 10

    OWASP 10 building standard.

  • Security & Testing

    Penetration testing by an independent agency.