Accelerate Automation with Pre-Built Apps

Utilize K2 SmartStarters to quickly deploy pre-built process apps.

With K2, there’s no need to wait weeks or months to build and deploy hand-coded process applications. Our platform includes a number of pre-configured apps, called SmartStarters, for the most common use cases that can be deployed in as little as a few minutes. Each SmartStarter includes the necessary workflows, forms and reports to provide a complete application that can be used as-is or easily customized to meet your unique needs.

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K2 SmartStarter Library

When you download one of our SmartStarter applications, you’re getting a blueprint of a best-in-class app that can be used to promote standardization and best app-building practices across your organization.

Our library of SmartStarter apps includes:

Ad Hoc Task Management

Take away the headaches of manual task management with this automated workflow that creates and assigns tasks based on information captured in a form.

Change Management Request

Allow employees to submit change requests through an automated workflow. Once submitted, the request for change can be routed for validation and prioritization.

Charitable Giving Assessment

Organize and manage charitable giving including creation of new charities and management of donations.

Corporate Media Library

A cost-effective way to manage, maintain, update and share multimedia content across the organization.

Customer Complaint Management

Provides a centralized way to record, manage and respond to customer complaints.

Customer Inquiry

Manage inquires from customers and keep track of how the organization handles those inquiries.

Defect Tracking

Simplify and speed up your defect tracking process by managing high and low priority defects that route requests to the right people for quick resolution.

Distribution List

Enable users to request access to various distribution lists, with timely and accurate communication on progress and completion of each request.

Document Review

Reduce multiple document version mistakes by capturing document details and dynamically routing the information to the appropriate person for approval, rejection or rework.

Employee Off-Boarding

Automate and audit key communication items sent to resigned employees and provide internal checklists ensuring a complete and successful employee exit process.

Employee Self-Service

Empower your employees to capture address changes and automatically notify HR in a timely and controlled manner.

FAQ Review

Publish “Frequently Asked Questions” content by capturing and routing it to relevant subject matter experts to review for accuracy and relevancy before the content gets published.

HR Enquiry

Provides employees with a platform to inquire about their personal details and company policies.

IT Asset Request

Automate the ability to request, modify or remove employee access to your various IT systems. Reduce the need for multiple requests and track all IT assets requested by employees.

IT Issue Report

Submit and track all IT-related issues and proactively push tasks to team leads for allocation. Monitor progress for timely and accurate issue resolution.

IT Service Request

Manage all IT-related requests in your organization. Route requests to the appropriate staff and provide the requester with full visibility of progress.

Job Posting

Create a consistent framework for the submission of open job postings to ensure that you are capturing and communicating all requirements to expedite the hiring process.

Meeting Room Booking

A simple application that provides an efficient way for users to book meeting rooms within an organization.

New Idea Submission

Create an easy way for employees to submit ideas that can benefit the company and provide recognition opportunities for employees, without getting lost in emails or stuck in management chains.

Publish KB Article

Allow users to create and publish informative articles to provide better service and support.

Sales Opportunity Setup and Amend

Used to set up an opportunity for a new or existing customer account. Sales opportunities can be amended to improve chances of being qualified.

Social Media Post Review

Ensure consistency and oversight of social media content by routing content for approval and signoff before publishing.

System Access Request

Easily manage system and application access requests with an automated approval process that routes the request to the appropriate people for approval.

Time Management

Ensure employee time is used in the most effective way with this time management app using forms with a built-in management approval process.

Training Request

Automate your training requests with timely routing for review and approval, and clear communication between the requester and approver.

Travel Request

Automate your travel requests with an app that routes requests to the right people for review and approval, with the ability to send requests back to the originator for rework.

Build Your Own

Can’t find a pre-built app to meet your needs? Use K2’s three-step App Wizard to quickly create an app without even setting your mouse inside the workflow designer.