Take a shortcut
to process automation.

Automate your processes even quicker. Pre-built applications (called SmartStarters) are available for common use cases like employee onboarding, sales quote approval, social media post review and more. With App Wizard, you can build an application even more rapidly, in just three steps.

"With the knowledge and foundation instilled, C.K. Tang now only requires two to three man days to build and test new basic applications — a significant improvement to their business operations."
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Deploy a process
application as fast
as possible

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Developer Functionality
  • Pre-built Apps

    Use free, pre-configured applications (called SmartStarters) that include forms, workflows and reports to quickly deploy apps for common uses.

  • Full Customization

    Need to meet complex demands or tweak a user experience until it’s just right? Like everything else built on K2’s platform, SmartStarters are completely customizable and extensible. Expand applications with automated process decisioning, dynamic rules, system integrations and more.

  • Responsive Design

    SmartStarters are automatically supported on any smartphone or tablet — there’s zero additional effort to take your applications from desktop to device.

  • Build Your Own

    Can’t find a SmartStarter you like? Need to build a solution without the help of a developer? Build a simple application without even setting your mouse inside K2’s designer. In three steps — select your data, choose a workflow template, complete the process — you’ve got a useable app.

User Benefits Icon
User Benefits
  • Fastest Deployment Possible

    Use SmartStarters to go from concepting to maintaining an app in the shortest time possible — days or a few weeks, depending on its complexity. Use our App Wizard to build an application in three steps, without even setting your mouse in K2’s designer.

  • Technically Agnostic

    Make your teams super productive. Both developers and end users can work in and with SmartStarters and the App Wizard.

  • Apply Best Learning Practices

    When you download a SmartStarter, you’re actually getting a blueprint of a best-in-class app built with K2. Use it to promote standardization across your organization and best app-building practices.

  • Reduce IT Backlog

    Long, drawn-out custom development lifecycles create bottlenecks in IT. Our ready-to-go applications are designed to be used as-is, by the people who really need them now.