Capture & Display Data with SmartForms

Create dynamic digital forms and embed them in your process applications.

Electronic forms play a crucial role in business processes today, allowing you to digitally gather and organize information that is then used in a wide variety of ways. Using K2’s feature-rich SmartForms, you can quickly create and connect powerful forms to your workflows and line-of-business systems to both capture and display data. Available on any device, our responsive themes make it easy to build forms that work across any device.

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K2 SmartForm Capabilities

K2’s SmartForms offer the following capabilities:

Brower-Based Designer

Use a visual designer with a wide set of controls and themes to build forms that can capture or display data.

Connection to LOB Systems

Easily display or modify data in your line-of-business systems directly from your forms using K2 SmartObjects.

Incorporate Rules and Validation

Use built-in logic and rules to build forms with complex logic, including hiding fields, auto-assigning data, etc.

Reuse Across Multiple Applications

Build a SmartForm once, then reuse it across your processes to streamline production and create consistency.

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"Designing electronic forms is now a breeze. K2 SmartForms lets us create online forms, integrate data from our existing SharePoint platform and roll out a business form in a few weeks, when it used to take us a few months. Overall, it allows our team to do more with less."
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A Faster, Easier Way
To Create Digital Forms.

Building electronic forms to enhance your digital process automation initiative no longer requires spending hours hand-writing custom code. Using K2’s form designer software, called SmartForms, you can develop powerful forms once, reuse them within all of your process applications and even integrate data from other line-of-business systems to create a comprehensive experience. It’s the most innovative and collaborative way to collect and display information across your organization.

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