Work smarter, increase agility and accelerate business with K2's business process application solutions. K2 empowers you to improve efficiencies and boost productivity across all of your departments — streamlining your processes for today and future-proofing your business for tomorrow.

Sales & Marketing Solutions

To be successful, sales-driven organizations should be able to pull data from disparate systems into solutions that can be tied to forms and workflows. With K2, you can do all of this and more to create customized sales management software solutions for processes across your organization. K2 makes it possible to automate approvals and authorizations, notify people of pending tasks and provide the visibility managers need.

K2 apps can smooth out your processes and make it easier to collaborate across people and systems to manage deliverables and deadlines. The following use cases are just four out of many possible solutions.

Client onboarding & sales purchase orders

Save time and money in manual processing by using K2 to automate your sales orders and streamline your client onboarding process and order management system. With K2, you can have full visibility into the status of each process, with automated alerts that ensure orders are completed in a timely manner.


Customer self-service

Empower your customers by providing them with self-service tools in a streamlined customer management system — to place orders and track them, submit feedback or issues and gain improved visibility and control.


Proposal & collateral development

Use K2 to manage document versions — facilitate review cycles and speed up approval processes, with forms and workflows that ensure each proposal is routed to the right person, at the right time.


Campaign management

Collaborate on campaigns, internally and externally, with marketing forms and workflows that facilitate approvals and performance tracking of messaging, media, ad buys and more.


"Having all these processes automated by K2 led to significant improvements in terms of visibility and reliability, on top of cost and time savings."

Eko Heryanto, President Director at MII See Case Study

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