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Human Resources Solutions

HR is made up of a diverse range of processes with multiple levels of approvals across departmental systems. Building HR workflows and applications with K2's HR software solutions can increase process visibility, eliminate redundancy and reduce manual errors — so you can work on more important things.

K2's HR management software solutions help you deliver the right information to the right people, at the right time. The following solutions illustrate just a few of the many possibilities.

Performance reviews

Reduce subjectivity and inconsistency in performance reviews through HR automation and processes that allow managers and employees to set and track performance objectives.


Employee onboarding & offboarding

Simplify your employee procedures with employee onboarding software solutions you create yourself, featuring workflows that automatically activate and deactivate user accounts and devices.


Payroll processing

Eliminate payroll errors and make sure your employees are paid on time with an application that retrieves clock-in and clock-out times. Integrate this data into HR workflows to streamline the process from start to finish.


New hire approvals & recruiting

Online forms for new hire requests automatically move through workflows for appropriate approvals and prepare for onboarding.

C.K Tang
"K2's user-friendly and drag-and-drop interface has been the key differentiator. It allows me to build applications using their extensive rules and business logic frameworks without the need for any coding, greatly simplifying my development process."

Alan Sim, Senior Manager at C.K. Tang See Case Study

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