Make Smarter Decisions About Your Processes

Once you automate, opportunities to improve will be much easier to identify. From free out-of-the-box process reports and integration with third-party tools like Power BI, K2 gives you the real-time insights you need to make better, data-driven decisions.

Make Smarter Decisions About Your Processes

Get Visibility into Your Processes

Developer Functionality

  • Built-in Reports

    Out-of-the-box reports provide the key process metrics you need to see process health at a glance, or to dig deeper to identify bottlenecks and areas for optimization.

  • Customizable Reports

    Use K2’s report controls to create customized reports and dashboards to meet your organization’s unique business needs.

  • Embed in Your Apps

    Embed reports directly into your forms to provide visibility into metrics and business data within your applications.

  • Integrate with Leading Tools

    Integrate with third-party data visualization products like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and others with built in OData connectors that surface K2-based process metrics.

  • Cognitive Services

    Use third-party cognitive services and machine learning to analyze your processes, build new processes or improve existing ones.

User Benefits

  • Monitor, Troubleshoot, Improve

    Detect process bottlenecks, prioritize tasks, review individual performance and identify general trends, emerging risks and opportunities. You’ll be able to see the health of your processes and analyze root causes from all angles — key metrics roll ups, the nitty gritty and everything in between.

  • Visibility into Every Process in a Single Location

    Make it easier for management and executive teams to get visibility into how the business is performing. View the metrics from all your processes on one, centralized application dashboard.

Lifehouse currently has several K2 solutions implemented across their hospital, and feedback is all positive: Users report that it’s quick and easy to review where hold-ups are in processes and resolve as necessary.

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Learn how to use K2 to get deeper process insights in this one-minute video.


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