Slicebread is a leading partner in delivering Case Management projects for large enterprises in the UK. 

Their proven framework is based on best in class workflow and collaboration software from Microsoft SharePoint and K2 together with an open framework for Case Management, and is currently used by more than 100,000 users across industries including legal, insurance, compliance and medical. 

They focus on true value added consultancy services – strategic advice, management, architecture and governance. Slicebread provides this in partnership with their clients, augmenting not replacing their internal capacity; giving them the management bandwidth to exploit technology strategies. Unlike old world IT services companies, Slicebread's advice is independent and their vision unlimited. 

Strategy that’s independent Creating a wold of possibilities for clients

Slicebread assists their clients in defining IT strategies that deliver business advantage, agility, and value. Strategies that come from putting some of the best IT minds in a room (and shaking them around a bit). Strategies that are articulated in the language of business (legal, insurance, risk and compliance, retail, and health care delivery are their preferred dialects).

Rapid Technology Implementation Business Value in less than 3 months

Focusing on the benefits technology can bring to your business allows Slicebread to work with solutions that deliver value quickly (naturally most are cloud based) such as SharePoint, Sitecore, K2, and Microsoft CRM which together with the tools that help you plumb it all together like Azure and ESB they are able to deliver through their ENGINE, also known as their delivery centre. 

Best Value Implementation Providing the bandwidth to enable better value delivery

Their delivery centre provides the tools, governance, quality assurance, and service delivery management required to leverage the economies that offshore delivery offers. They've invested in their own niche offshore capability – slicedbread India. Invested in the people. Invested in the processes and tools. It is these investments and the knowledge of successfully managing offshore delivery centres that they bring to their clients. You only see the results.


England, United Kingdom

Partner Type

  • Delivery Partner


  • Financial
  • Health, Pharma & Biotech
  • Professional Services