Notice of Policy Change

K2 will no longer provide free hosted Virtual Machines, nor will it provide free Cloud Vm’s to partners. Cloud VMs can be purchased from K2 Sales. Instead, partner can choose one of the following alternatives:

            • Option 1 – Rent a K2 hosted VM with K2 Software (1 credit for a 2 week rental).

            • Option 2 – Use their own Dev K2 Server or Cloud instance.

            • Option 3 – Download an Image to run in their own K2 environment.



How do I register for training under the new policy?

Requests to use one of your free subscriptions can be done by emailing with your name and corporate email address. We recommend users check in with their manager before consuming one of their 5 free partner subscriptions. Additional information will be sent to each user as they are registered. After a partner has used all their complimentary subscriptions, requests for additional training or certification can be made by submitting a remote service request here. Additional courses will cost 2 credits per course, additional certification will cost 1 credit.


How do I request a Virtual Machine under the new policy?

Virtual machines can be obtained by submitting a remote services request here, just like the additional training requests. The cost is 1 credit for a 2 week rental.


Where can I purchase additional service credits?

Additional service credits can be purchased by contacting your Partner Account Manager.


If you have any additional questions about these changes, please reach out to