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Linxus is a software solutions business that specialises building and implementing solutions that drive operational efficiencies, reduce cost and mitigate risk. Our focus is on delivering appropriate and responsible solutions that are developed and implemented rapidly, thereby addressing current business needs in a time frame that enables businesses to grow and/or reduce cost, ultimately driving profitability in your business.

What sets Linxus apart is its seamless connection between people, processes and technology. The continuous integration, interdependence and co-dependence of these three pillars continues to inspire the ethos of Linxus.

We have forged strong relationships with leading players, and have a proud reputation for professional services and software solutions in the productivity, document management, business application and process management space.

Our success lies in our deep understanding of our clients’ business challenges and our ability to provide in-depth analysis and insights into your business. Our end-to-end approach from gap analysis to program management to resourcing gives our customers peace of mind whilst at the same time accessing world class design and development expertise, for a business solution through our team who specialize in leading developer tools and skillsets.

Linxus has two interlinked offerings, each committed to business process improvement, optimising the intersection between people, process and technology and ultimately improving productivity and efficiency.

1. Linxus Business Apps

Linxus has differentiated itself by focusing on the underlying architecture of a system, fundamentally the processes by which they run. By retaining this focus and staying true to our philosophy, we build business solutions and applications that drive efficiency and empower organisations to re-invent the way work is done.

Utilising the power of K2 we rapidly build and deploy applications that enhance control and efficiency of business operations. Key to the success of this is our proven approach to effective change and project management.

We don’t prescribe to our customers on where and how solutions should be deployed, but rather leverage off our customers' IT infrastructures and investment strategies. Our solutions aim at adding value to the customer organisation as quickly as possible, in this sense our success with existing customers clearly shows the impact of this approach with real world results.

Linxus, in addition, runs a fully fledged K2 lab environment which is hosted in the cloud for the building and testing of custom solutions that we later deploy to our customer’s environments. This enables our clients the flexibility to commission new requirements without impacting or disrupting any current functionality in their own environment.

2. Linxus Accelerator.

Linxus Accelerator is an electronic document linking solution that automates document delivery, response, archiving and reporting. It turns static documents into intelligent, process enriched documents that gives customers access to all information and documentation relating to the transactions on the document.

Our solution provides links between documents that represent the associated relationships, and can incorporate email and HTML, creating useful real estate for process automation and integration allowing for direct customer engagement and reporting.

We apply Linxus Accelerator to multiple scenarios, industries and sectors including accounts receivable, payable, procurement and contract management.

When applied in a transactional engagement, Linxus Accelerator allows for immediate access, response and interaction with documentation, removing the need for archaic and expensive portals, helpdesks or complex IT environments that can degrade and frustrate customer experience.

Linxus Accelerator integrates with K2, leading ERP systems and multiple Microsoft platforms.


Gauteng, South Africa

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  • Value Added Reseller (VAR)


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