Technology Alliance

Streamline the User Experience and Simplify Workflows with Dropbox

K2 and Dropbox have teamed up to combine the power of low-code application development with collaboration and content services to provide companies a suite of tools to simplify workflows and transform the way teams work. Businesses can use the K2 platform to manage content that lives in Dropbox and connect those files to different users, systems, and teams.

With K2’s low-code platform, users can integrate workflows and Dropbox content as well as other line-of-business systems to create solutions that meet their business needs. Users can also monitor applications to identify new ways to optimize both content and the processes around that information to streamline workflows. Automation speeds up processes, drives productivity and efficiency within teams, and improves overall business performance.

Move Content through Workflows with K2 and Dropbox

Build more, code less
K2’s low-code platform provides drag-and-drop tooling so you can quickly build workflows without endless lines of code. Seamlessly integrate Dropbox content into your workflows in the K2 platform to build the business apps you need.

Integrate all your IT systems
Connect Dropbox to all your essential IT systems whether on-premises or cloud and manage your content in a centralized workspace. Automate processes across the entire organization with seamless integration in K2. 

Monitor processes for continual improvement
Find new ways to continually improve processes within your organization by using K2’s reporting capabilities. This will help you not only enhance workflows but optimize content for future processing.

Achieve Intelligent Automation
Apply technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enhance your content and power your workflow actions. Applying predictability and structure to your information will allow you to create more intelligent content that will streamline your processes even faster.

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